History Of My Hair

I get asked a lot about my hair so I decided to include this page for general interest. I have been growing it since 1999 and it is now roughly 36inches long. I had short curly hair as a child but as a teenager I often had it cut short for ease. I first began growing it out when I left high school. In college It was quite long. I'd had it permed for extra curl though my hair is naturally curly. It reached down almost to my belt buckle and I tried dying it black - once. It turned out grey but luckily for me it was a wash-out-in-six-washes type of dye and I spent a day rinsing it out. I have never dyed it since. After one year in college I got sick of my hair constantly blowing in my face during the winter months so I buzzed it all off. Total skinhead! Mistake! I don't look good with no hair. I grew it out once more and a year later it was down to my waist and again I got tired of the hassle of dealing with it and having not learned my lesson the first time I sheared it all off for a second time. I started growing it out again immediately after. In November of 1999 my hair was short and curly but growing out. By October 2000 it was down to my belt buckle again and since then I have not given in to any temptation to cut it. I don't go to the hairdressers as I find it such an ordeal - seriously I'd rather have a root canal than go to the hairdressers - but occasionally I trim my hair myself to deal with split ends. My hair is now so long that I can sit on it, which can actually be a little annoying. I do get tempted at times to chop it all off again. I resist though.

I get different reactions to my hair. I get quite a lot of compliments from strangers, particularly older ladies and Asian females. Long hair is an ingrained part of some cultures and important in many religions. I have experienced some negative reactions but fortunately these have been few and far between.


Christmas 2009 I decided I would like a fringe as I wanted to do something a little different with my hair without being too radical (I just can't decide whether to go for the full chop or not; I think about it from time to time and then choose not to). I cut my hair myself (always a silly thing to do as I never get it right but do I learn?) and for a week or two I thought it looked alright. I soon changed my mind and began growing the fringe out. At the end of December 2009 the fringe was just touching my eyebrows; at the beginning of May 2010 it was two inches longer, completely and annoyingly covering my eyes and creeping down the length of my nose. It was in that frustrating stage of being long enough to irritate me but being too short to really do anything with. In November 2010 the fringe was double the length it was the previous November. Grow, darn it to heck! Grow! By January 2014 my fringe had grown to about half the length of my hair. Long enough to tie back (phew!). It is now October 2014 and my fringe has almost grown back to the length of the rest of my hair, except, weirdly, for a bit on the left side that seems reluctant to grow out.

Maintenance Of My Hair

I believe that the state of my hair - anyone's hair in fact - is down to several factors.

Genetics likely plays a large part. The women in my family have always had good strong hair, thick hair. There seems no history of thinning or baldness.

Health and diet are obviously important. What you put into your body affects your hair, skin and nails. You can tell a lot about what's going on inside a person's body by looking at what is going on on the outside. Cracked nails, thinning hair and dry skin are all indicators of certain problems, and in many cases a lack of certain vitamins and minerals is often at fault. Hair is a most useful indicator of overall health as it is such a noticeable part of your body.

Hair is made of protein and a diet rich in protein will be beneficial to its condition. My diet is quite rich in protein: fish, cheese, chicken etc and I feel this has helped to produce my rather fine barnet. However I don't recommend that you rush out and stuff your face full of cheese in the hope of suddenly achieving nice hair. Build up your protein intake gradually and don't forget that the human body needs a balanced diet: protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fat, salt and sugar are all necessary requirments. I know there is a lot of talk about the evil of fat and salt but the body requires a measure of both. Just don't have too much. A balanced diet and as my father is overly fond of saying "everything in moderation" and you can't really go wrong.

The environment you live in will have some impact on your hair's condition. Pollution, cigarette smoke, weather and the tools you use to straighten, crimp, curl and dry your hair all have their parts to play. A lot of this can be combated with the right hair care products. I haven't used every product going but of the ones I've tried I have three favourites: Tresemme, Herbal Essences and Pantene. I use a seperate shampoo and conditioner as I don't care for two-in-ones. It takes a little more time in the morning but I think it's worth it. I think Tresemme is the best shampoo for what is does for cleansing, conditioning and protecting my hair but I like the various scents that Herbal Essences contain. It would be great if someone could combine the two.

My Morning Routine

I wet my hair with warm water - with my head hanging forward over the bath (bath or sink - whichever works for you) - so that I can get at the roots. Then I shampoo and wrap my hair in a warm towel. While letting the shampoo soak in for a few minutes I do whatever else needs doing: brush teeth, wash face etc then I rinse out the shampoo and use my conditioner. Again with my head hanging down over the bath and working from root to tip I add the conditioner. Then I brush through to work out the knots accumulated throughout the night. I don't use a special brush. Just a cheap plastic one. I've tried a paddle brush, which is supposed to be specifically for long hair but I didn't like it. It tangled my hair further. Once all the knots are out I wrap my hair in a towel again and leave the conditioner to soak in for a few minutes. Then I rinse, while brushing out the excess conditioner. Then I use a comb to remove excess water and then wrap my hair for a final time. All this takes about half an hour. I like to keep my hair wrapped for as long as possible before getting the hairdryer out as drying hair completely from soaked is not good. It takes twice as long and increases the risk of burning the hair. I like to let my hair dry naturally for as long as I can - until it's almost dry if there's time - then I get out the hairdryer. Again nothing fancy. Just a cheap hairdryer - no attachments as I can't be bothered with all that. Again I hang my head forward and work from the roots to the ends. It takes ten minutes to dry my hair with a dryer - twenty if I'm forced to dry it completely from soaked. Then voila! It's done. When I have time I'll leave the shampoo and conditioners in for longer so that they get a good chance to really work through the hair.

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