Spark arresters must be used. Photos and design below.

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        Visitor must have with them current Steam Test  & Hydraulic Test certificates

Trains Using bar and pin couplings

The pin connecting Loco/Tender to trolley must be retained with an ‘R-clip’.

All pins used for trolley to trolley connections must be retained by an ‘R-clip’.

All other Bar and Pin couplings used within a train must be prevented from working out in use.

These conditions are mandatory for public running.

 MEETINGS: 2014  

Monthly meeting held 1st Wednesday of the month starting at 7.30 and are held at the Old Brumby United Church Hall, Ashby Road.



 NOTE:- That the church hall door will be locked at the start of the meeting, should you arrive after this time go into the lobby and on the left hand side of the door there is a row of push buttons. We are in room No 1 after pressing someone will come and open the door.