7th - 9th December 2001

Smofcon is coming to the UK

SF fandom is so big that some conventions can focus on particular subjects. Smofcon is about sharing your experiences of convention running with other con runners. If your are interested in discussing good/best practices, what works, what doesn't and why (e.g. local circumstances), dealing with common and not so common issues, problems and solutions that have worked before, then Smofcon is for you. Smofcon depends on the participation of its members, so if you have a knotty problem with your convention, this is where you will find the largest concentration of SF con organising experience. Above all, Smofcon is the annual chance for con runners to talk to each other in person, over a beer or several, instead of electronically or at a committee table.

Smofcon 19 will have as its programme theme "People and Personalities". What is the best way to turn an informal fan grouping into an effective committee? How can you find people's unexpected strengths? Why does someone you enjoy talking to as another fan turn out to be so difficult to work with? How can we avoid putting round fans in square holes?

People vary a lot and fans vary even more. Some like small cons and are horrified at the idea of anything larger. Some work well meeting in person, others on the phone and others via e-mail. Join us as we hunt 'The one true
way' and then murder it. Instead we want to give everyone a chance to look at different ways of con running from across the world and choose what suits them.

The 2001 convention is to be held in York on the 7 - 9 of December at the Monkbar Hotel. The room rates are £75 per room per night with full English breakfast. Some singles are available at £55 per night with FEB.
You can book on line at The Monkbar Hotel, Monkbar, York, YO31 7JA UK Tel: +44 (0) 1904 638086
Fax: +44 (0) 1904 629195 Email:
Web: http: //

The committee is KIM Campbell as Chair, Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook and Mike "Sparks" Rennie -
Programme, Vince Docherty - Publicity and Ben Yalow - Sound Advice. With assistance from Kat Rennie Publications Editor, Nigel and Sabine Furlong - Programme input.

Memberships to:
KIM Campbell
69 Lincoln St
Leeman Rd
YO26 4YP

Cheques payable to "Smofcon19"

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Alternative Accommodation List
for YO31 district of York. There are a lot more hotels in other postal districts.
Kim Campbell says that the YO31 postal district is large so check where the hotels and guest houses listed below are actually located with respect to the Monk Bar Hotel. Some may be a long walk in the rain or a taxi ride away. The SmoothHound link shows where most hotels and guest houses are located.

(All prices and details from SmoothHound)

Feversham Lodge 1 Feversham Crescent, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8HQ
Phone: 01904 623882, Fax: 01904 623882 £25.00 Single £40.00 Double
Ascot House
80 East Parade, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 7YH
Phone: 01904 426826, Fax: 01904 431077 £21.10 Single £40.00 Double
The Hazelwood 24 - 25 Portland Street, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 7EH
Phone: 01904 626548, Fax: 01904 628032 £44.00 Single £65.00 Double
Wold View House Hotel
175 Haxby Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8JL
Phone: 01904 632061, Fax: 01904 632061 £26.00 Single £52.00 Double
Cornmill Lodge Guest House 120 Haxby Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8JP
Phone: 01904 620566, Fax: 01904 620566 £23.00 Single £46.00 Double
Stanley House
Stanley Street, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8NW
Phone: 01904 637111, Fax: 08701 267814 £25.00 Single £40.00 Double
Mont - Clare Guest House
32 Claremont Terrace, Gillygate, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 7EJ
Phone: 01904 627054, Fax: 01904 651011 £44.00 Single £65.00 Double
Papillon Hotel
43 Gillygate, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 7EA
Phone: 01904 636505 £22.00 Single £36.00 Double
Crossways Guest House
23 Wigginton Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8HJ
Phone: 01904 637250 £20.00 Single £36.00 Double
City Guest House
68 Monkgate, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 7PF
Phone: 01904 622483 £30.00 Single £50.00 Double
Avimore House
78 Stockton Lane, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 1BS
Phone: 01904 425556, Fax: 01904 426264 £23.00 Single £44.00 Double
Cumbria House
2 Vyner Street, Haxby Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8HS
Phone: 01904 636817 £21.00 Single £40.00 Double

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