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These pages are devoted to miscellaneous writings that I have produced at various times. Some were asked for and some were written to fill what I thought was a need.

Buying a Printer
I have recently been helping a friend who specialises in the sale of ink jet cartridges and special printing papers. I learned a lot from him and I pass the knowledge on to you here.   

Cleaning Printer Printheads
A pictorial explanation of the best ways to try to clean printheads in Epson Printers and Hewlett Packard cartridges. Some additional notes intended for Canon and Epson users follow the main description.
Warning! The file is mainly a large image.   

Digital Camera Pictures
A description of the the advantages and disadvantages of using digital cameras when compared with traditional film cameras.   

In my opinion it is not generally worth while to make up a one gallon wine kit when very little more effort is needed to make five gallons or more. I taught winemaking at evening classes for a few years and many of my students won prizes in wine competitions. My way works and the cheap fruit season is here. Have a go!   

How It works
A very rough and ready guide to the way your PC gets you to here.   

Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Linux
We all have our problems with Microsoft so I offer some advice   

Get Started with Red Hat Linux
This is an article taken from the American magazine PC World. It is quite comprehensive and indicates how Linux installation is quite different to that for Microsoft products. Learn!  Avoid crashes in future! Become a geek?   

The Essential Bits and the Less Essential Bits
The hardware and software that you can choose to have (or not).   

Nickel Cadmium Batteries
The myths and do's and don'ts concerning rechargeable batteries.   

Trains and Train Safety
Some suggestions about ways to make trains safer and more efficient at transporting people..   

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