An Inflatable Kite

by Wilf James

This kite is designed to lift quickly and easily in a slight breeze. It is aimed at making a survivor at sea more visible.
It is launched automatically when the container it is in has been submerged for half a minute. Then a water activated mechanism will release a valve to inflate the balloon with helium. The balloon will lift the kite until the wind inflates the kite's wing-like structure.

The kite itself can include metallised strips to act as radar reflectors but its lifting power can be used for many purposes.

The purpose illustrated is to carry a small wind-powered generator but any device that can be assisted by being well above the general level of the sea can be carried if it is light enough.

Helpful devices include a strobe flash, (as shown above) a radio antenna and a secondary radar transponder beacon. The generator can provide enough power for intermittent operation of the radio beacon and the strobe flash. The strobe can be triggered by reception of a radio signal or a radar beam as well as by a simple timer.

The kite also has a further function. When attached to the lifebag life saving device it can help to keep the lifebag's hood in the windward direction. This will help to provide a survivor some protection from wind chill.

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