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An Open Letter to North Hertfordshire Homes I could be evicted after 50 years

   My New Book - An Attempt to Remedy Bad Science  (In PDF Format)
My life with Jacqui A True Story
Traditional/Dixieland/New Orleans Jazz Gig A selection of gigs in Beds, Cambs & Herts
 The Mid Herts Jazz OrchestraThe Big Band I support as publicity agent
    International Science Fiction Convention List i a selection of International SF Conventions
   SF & Fantasy Stories
  The Silliness of the HS2 Project
   Modernising Trains
 A Heretical View Of Hubble's Constant This was originally a Powerpoint like presentation
The Earth's Real Magnetism A simplified up to date explanation of the Rarth's magnetism 2014
     Science pages include a selection of topics. These include inventions and scientific theories.
    Miscellaneous Info advice about computers, printers, transport, trains, a taboo and making wine at home

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German Links
Science Fiction Clubs Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.

    Florian Breitsameter (Flocky)

Science Fiction Club Deutschland (English) The German Science Fiction Club

Other SF Links
International Con listings in English The foreign languages have been translated as needed

ConNotation - The Magician's Science Fiction Convention Calendar

Science Fiction Associated Clubs & Societies

Dave Langford's Ansible   The SF Fanzine by which others are judged

Locus Online     Locus Magazine, the newspaper of the science fiction field

The UK Science Fiction Archive  A collection of information of interest to SF Fans

Locus Online - Portal

Baltimore Convention List Many American conventions listed

Jenga's SF and Gaming Convention Lists - A very wide selection of links and cons.

The Cult TV List

More international links can be found on my international convention list pages

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