Getting Around Hinckley

I have tried to find out if there are any bus services that may be useful to fans who would like to get from the Hanover International Hotel to Hinckley town Centre and back again.

So far I have found only one bus service that goes anywhere near the Hanover and that one is available until 22.45 on Saturday. There is no service on Sundays or Bank Holidays. As the Con includes two Bank Holidays and a Sunday this bus service is not very useful.

The bus service runs to Burbage. However it is around 1.5 miles from the Hanover to the nearest point on the Burbage bus route so it is practically useless. It is roughly 2.5 miles to Hinckley centre from the Hanover.

I know that a lot of fans who will be at Seacon 03 will not have a car. Many of them would like to sample the delights of the restaurants that are not too far way from the Hanover. They will have the choice of walking (too time consuming), a taxi (a bit expensive) or cadging a lift with a fan who has a car available. I know that a lot of fans with cars will be happy to provide transport now and again but would not like to feel obliged to act as a taxi service.

I therefore propose that it should be a matter of honour that fans given lifts to nearby restaurants etc. should make a donation of (say) 2 pounds each to the car driver for a one-way trip. Alternatively a group of 3 or 4 fans could treat the driver to a modest meal in exchange for taking them to and from the restaurant.

Remember that a driver who provides transport will not be able to drink very much if at all, so he or she should be compensated somewhat for maintaining abstinence before driving anywhere.

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