Alternative Accommodation in Hinckley

Fans who would like to stay in cheaper accommodation in Hinckley are advised that posession of a means of transport is almost essential.  It is around two and a half miles from the con hotel to the centre of Hinckley.

(updates APRIL 2003, 2004 & 2005)
(Out of date in 2009)

Note that the Hanover is now called The Hinckley Island Hotel


An Impression of an Aerial View of the Hinckley Island Hotel

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When I went to Paragon in 2001 I stayed at the Hollycroft Hotel in Hinckley. I was looked after very well when I was there The quality of the place had fallen off a bit when I went there for a second time. The proprietor was away and the place was being run by a friend of hers. Note: Small hotels like the Hollycroft are not usually able to deal with bookings more than a year ahead.

I would guess that other small hotels and guest houses in Hinckley will be similarly placed.

I will provide links on this page to their websites if they have them (or provide telephone numbers here if they do not) as soon as I receve information from them that they can accept bookings for Easter 2003. Alternative accommodation is offered by Smoothhound, the hotel and guest house finder service.

I would welcome information from fans who stayed at other small hotels and guest houses in Hinckley during Seacon. I would like to know what the accommodation was like and how much it cost. It will be assumed that the prices in 2005 may be different to those in 2003

Getting Around Hinckley
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There is a choice of maps: Ordnance Survey, Maporama, Multimap and Mapquest. All have their merits.
Access to Maporama is via Yahoo and selecting Maps. Then provide an address in Hinckley such as 6 George Street to get a view of the centre.

Maporama lets you navigate at the same scale by clicking on the centre of interest. It also allows diagonal movement from view to view. It shows street names but very little else at the largest scales. It takes up less than half the screen as a square on the left side.

The Map of Hinckley I have provided as a link (over 600K) is from the Ordnance Survey 50,000 scale view with some additions of my own. It shows where the Hanover is (at the bottom) as well as Hinckley centre. I have also added a link to an An Impression of an Aerial View of the Hanover that shows its location with respect to the M69/A5 junction. This has been added because there is no map view that shows the Hanover and the nearby roads at a large scale.

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