by Wilf James.

Mrs. Evon Da Nikon

Dear Madam,

I have been delegated to pursue an investigation into the colonisation of Earth by "Spacemen" in the distant past.

It will come as no surprise to you that I found you to be the author of most of the available literature on the subject. It is therefore understandable that I should wish to consult you before continuing my own independent research.

From the content of your books it is evident that your research is conducted in a manner which is different to that which I customarily employ in similar circumstances. It is obvious that each method has its merits and demerits so it is logical to assume that a combination of the two methods will be of benefit to both of us.

Whereas in your books you aim to prove that Unearthly people have been present on Earth at some time or other, it is my aim to obtain specific data on individual people. I need to know exactly the places and the times when they visited the Earth, their names and their races, and the means of transport they used before their arrival and during their visits.
I realise that such detailed information is not necessary for your research, but I am sure that, if it were obtainable, it would be of interest to you. It is for this reason I believe you would be prepared to join me for a short period of your time, during which a joint study could be carried out.
In the space available to me in this letter I cannot begin to explain my methods comprehensibly. I therefore suggest that we should meet so that you can witness a demonstration of my techniques. I can assure you that you will find them interesting, taxing, and very rewarding.
If you find my approach to be interesting enough to induce you to accompany me on an exploration, you should prepare yourself for an expedition which will occupy nine days of your time. although I am able to suggest May 27th 2001 at 10.00 GMT as a suitable date and time for our meeting, I am unable to suggest a suitable location. In return for your acceptance of the date suggested, I will accede to your proposal for a convenient meeting place. I would be obliged if you would provide me with precise details of the meeting place, and a map showing its location, in your reply to this letter.
I am authorised to inform you that a consultancy fee is payable for your advice and services. The fee will be paid in any metal or currency you nominate, either in your letter or when we meet.
I am not able to provide a pictorial reproduction of myself to help you to recognise me when we meet. My height is two metres, I am female and I have black hair. As I am familiar with your photographic likeness, I will introduce myself to you when I see you.

You will gather from my address that my purpose is specific. I can assure you that the aim of my organisation is to prevent any activity which could be considered to be harmful to Earth. I respectfully request you to treat this letter as confidential for reasons which will become obvious to you when we meet.

When you reply, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification of any parts of this letter which you do not understand. I apologise in advance for any ambiguity which may have arisen as a result of the way this letter was translated. This letter was produced with my translator set to the "Moderately Formal" mode in English. An alternative translation can be offered at any level between "Coterie Colloquial" and "Archaic Formal" in English or any other language you may nominate.

Yours faithfully,

Anay Li-En.

Project 10143B.
Sector 814.
Quadrant 7.
Period 1996.
Temporal CID.
Arcturus 4.
c/o The Post Office.

Copy of Post Office Internal Memo


This letter was found in the unaddressed section. The original appears to be printed on a peculiar sort of paper - it weighs less than 10 milligrams! It is creaseproof and tougher than any plastic I know of. It doesn't tear and it slips between scissors without being cut. The original letter is gradually getting smaller and it looks as if it will be down to the size of a stamp in a matter of months.

We have looked at it carefully using everything except an electron microscope and we think it is genuine! From the reference to us it looks as if we will hear more later - when the correct recipient has replied to it! Pete says it should be sent to Von Daniken in Germany. I think it would be of interest to a Science Fiction magazine.

Regards - Eric.


A copy of the letter and the memo which refers to it were passed on to me by a friend of a friend who works at Mount Pleasant. I was told that it is accurate in every detail except that the names used in the memo have been changed. I think 'Eric' is right, it should be offered to a Science Fiction magazine, but there will be an awful stink when the news gets out about the breach in Post Office security.

If it is a hoax, then no harm can be done by publishing the letter, but I have this feeling. What would happen if Von Daniken was right and his ancient chariot riders were time-travelling criminals on the run? What would happen if they were caught by Anay Li-en? Would it make a difference to Earth's histo


I found the enclosed letter and memos on the desk in Roger Watkin's office yesterday. He disappeared shortly after lunch on Tuesday without even buzzing his secretary to tell her he was going or when be would be back. A cigarette was still burning in his ashtray when she went in to see him at 2.45. He seems to have vanis



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