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19th June 2010

Severe Saville Error

The reports of the recent Saville enquiry indicate that the fundamental problem with what occurred on a sad Sunday was never addressed.

The troubles that have occurred in Northern Ireland and elsewhere are entirely due to charlatans, con men and self-seeking individuals who set themselves up as religious leaders. Their preaching divided the society causing anger, resentment and deaths because all were taught that those who believed inthe wrong religion were their mortal enemies

If there was any justice in this world these charlatans would have to prove what they preached was true. Any who could not do so should be charged with indirectly causing the deaths of thousands of people. Those who publicly admit that they have deceived people with what the preached as a religion should be forgiven and forced to live in permanent exile. Those who do not should be subject to the tender mercies of the relatives of those who died as an indirect result of what they preached.