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How The Magic Was Done
Tuesday 04/05/2094 10:45pm
The following evening George and Kerstin joined Undepoldus and Marita after his concert. Kerstin said. "Marita, it was wonderful how you did all those magic tricks. Your best one was giving me the knowledge and experience to fly a balloon. How did you do it?"
Marita said. "I must confess that your copy of me has achieved a degree of independence. The two parts of me have been in communication both ways throughout the weekend. Your copy of me did a lot of digging to find out what the Robinsons wanted. We concentrated on Shirley to find out what she liked and then prompted her to say what she wanted when Undepoldus and I had everything prepared. The two parts of me were able to keep one step ahead throughout the weekend. Undepoldus has met several balloon pilots and absorbed their knowledge. Then, when it was necessary, your copy of me made sure that you knew what to do a few milliseconds before you needed to do it. Nobody except you knew that you had not piloted a balloon before and you didn't tell George until you were flying high above Essex. We dreaded a change of wind but we were lucky, it was nearly a flat calm up to 1,500 metres."
George asked. "How did you organise the marquee and the food Marita?"
Marita answered. "I checked with Derek and Samantha. I knew that Derek wanted to organise something for the new group. He knew he could not call on his own staff because most of them were enjoying the holiday weekend. Samantha was trying to think of ways to arrange shopping and cooking to cater for everyone. When I realised that she would have problems, I made her think that Derek would have the answers. At the same time I convinced Derek that Samantha had the answers. I knew that Undepoldus knew a nearby friendly restaurant that could supply the food. The people who supplied the concert marquee were happy to oblige us with a smaller one at very short notice. They also provided the tent and sleeping bags. Another company supplied the barbecue and the restaurant supplied the other meals, the kebabs and the soup. The cauldron was hard to find. It came from Germany. Everyone who helped was told that it was supposed to be a magical weekend. Nobody in the party should see things appear unless the item was too big and awkward to carry like the balloon. I used your power to make everyone in the party look the other way so nobody would see things arrive or disappear. I nearly made a mistake with the ice cream but I managed to cover up my error in timing."
George said. "The cards for the place settings were a brilliant idea. How did you manage those Marita?
The restaurant helped with that. I asked if they could provide individual menus for the guests and they came up with the place card idea. All I had to do was to make sure that everyone sat in the right place before they saw their place cards. You know how that is done George. I probed to discover what people wanted for an outdoor lunch and compiled the menus accordingly. The restaurant staff did a brilliant job for me. Now the restaurant owner plans to offer the idea as a service. I sent him vidcom snapshots of the lunch as it was going on. I had to be careful because I was using your eyes as a camera Kerstin. I could not show shots of your plate and where the food was going. I could only make use of the occasional views you offered as you looked around. The restaurant owner was delighted with Shirley's reactions when she saw her individual menu on her place card. I am pleased to say that it all seemed to go rather well."
Kerstin said. "One of the weirdest things was the way the others reacted to you and me. They were fascinated by the way you appeared as a witch and then disappeared again. I sensed several of them looking at me, wondering if it was you or me that they were looking at. It was easier when you spoke because they could hear the differences in our voices. I was happy to let you stay in front and have a ball. I love your sense of fun Marita. Your pranks always seem to work and I get most of the credit."
Undepoldus made a contribution. He said. "George and Kerstin. You did a good job over the weekend. Everyone had a good time and the people you selected were very good choices. It was a bit expensive. It cost the trust E583.25. I was hoping it would be less."
Kerstin said. "I will have to see Ivan to claim our expenses so we can pay you back. Would CR800 be enough? If it isn't, I know where there are a few more credits in Ivan's cabin. Marita told me where they are."
Undepoldus said. "It would have been cheaper if you had not wasted the ice creams. I could have saved at least E9.25."George said. "That is brilliant Undepoldus. You are thinking more like a human than before. I have never heard you use irony as humour in all the time I have known you."
Undepoldus said. "I have a very good teacher. I understand that she did well as a university lecturer."
George chuckled. He said. "My old friend. I think that you have fallen in love with my Marita."
Undepoldus said. "George, I do believe you are jealous. You must remember that Marita and I are two of a kind now."

Wednesday 05/05/2094 9 am
The next day George and Kerstin were in their cabin planning for the time when Undepoldus had left.
Kerstin said. "I would love to go back to Lagrange Five to spend a day or two in EDEN. We could have a lovely time sharing in the grass. There would be just you, Marita and me. Then we could share in real zero gee and have fun and games together. What do you think?"
George said. "It sounds delightful to me Kerstin. I can sense that Marita would be delighted to try out new ideas for us in zero gee. Neither of you have experienced the zero gee ball that is nearly as popular as EDEN. It is a bit like a swimming pool with an air pressure of five atmospheres. The air is thick enough to swim in. We can wear fan belts to move around easily and to balance the air circulation. They don't get in the way and they save the need for an elastic belt."
Kerstin said. "I have never heard of the zero gee ball or the fan belts. I can imagine what it is like to swim in thick air but what are the fan belts like?"
They are soft fabric belts with fans attached on thin arms. The fans can be steered to move you in any direction a bit like the thrusters on a vacuum suit."
Kerstin said. "How do you keep them steering in the right direction when you are sharing? It would be a bit of a distraction if you had to keep the fans adjusted at the same time."
George said. "Remember that they were designed for Spacers who love sharing. They have three modes. One is for balanced push. Two is for holding position in the ball and three is for swimming around. One and two or one and three can be used together. A couple can set the ideal position for joining in balanced push mode and then move apart. Then the couple can let the fans restore their positions. Perfect docking is assured every time. There are other features that help to make zero gee sharing as pleasant and stress free as possible. I am sure that you would love it."
The vidcom announced. "There is a call for Lieutenant Kerstin Broberg from Miss Shirley Robinson."
Kerstin said. "Link and show, Kay-Mac 207."
Shirley said. "Kerstin, I have wonderful news. Simon and I have agreed to be permanent partners. Mum and dad have agreed that he can stay with me. We are going to study to be Spacers like you and George. Thank you, George, and magical Marita for a lovely weekend. Marita's witches and wizards idea was great fun. I had a lot of laughs."
Kerstin said. "One female wizard came to me when I was male and we were all set to share. Then before we started, he changed back to male. He was just about to go away to look for a female when I changed. I had to grab him before I lost him. We thought it was hilarious. It was a great party game."

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