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Making it Clearer
Wednesday 14/04/94 9:40am
Ivan left with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. Shortly after he had gone, Leonov appeared and came to take his place. He said. "Kerstin and George. Can you confirm what I just overheard about Ivan and Eva, and how it applies to Sarah and myself?"
George said. "Leonov, we and Undepoldus have made you and Sarah young again internally. You will still look your ages but you will feel like you were when you were eighteen. I am sure that you have come to see us because you have already felt the difference as Ivan has. I guess that you have already heard that Kerstin will call you and why. I suggest that you and Sarah come to visit us in our cabin after breakfast tomorrow. Then Kerstin, Marita and I can explain everything to you both in more detail. We still have to fill in a few gaps for Ivan and Eva so they have been invited to join us shortly."
Leonov said. "Thank you George. I will cover for Ivan until he is free. Soon we will all have to meet together to arrange how we will continue to do our work while spending a lot more time as energetic young Spacers. Sarah is now as hungry as I have heard that Marita used to be."
Marita said. "Sorry Leonov, you have got it wrong. That is impossible, and I am still as hungry as ever. Come and see Kerstin and me tomorrow, then you will know what I mean."
Kerstin said. "I will arrange things with Ivan. Then you will find it easier to arrange to deputise for each other."
Leonov said. "It will take me a little while to get used to you two. I can understand how you have two personalities in one body but it is still a surprise to me when you switch from one to the other in an instant."
Marita said. "You will have a long time to get used to us Leonov. Tell us what you think ten years from now."
George said. "I hate to ask you to leave Leonov, but Ivan will be back shortly and he does not know that you have heard our conversation with him. We will sort that out for you this morning to save any embarrassment."
Leonov said. "That's OK George. I wanted to be out of the way before he came back. I will see you tomorrow - with Sarah."

George, Kerstin and Marita left for their cabin with Ivan and Eva shortly after Leonov had gone away.

Kerstin picked Eva up and put her onto the bed. Then she said to Eva. "Eva, I regret to have to tell you this but you will now have to learn to be a Spacer as far as sharing comfort is concerned. Ivan knows the rules. This time I will make an exception for Ivan's sake, but next time you will have to pretend that you are an unattached Spacer. You will have to ask me if you want to share George with Marita and me in future. I will have to ask you if I can share with Ivan. Is that clear?"
Eva was all smiles. Kerstin continued: "A short while ago Ivan committed a breach of Spacer protocol. He said that he would like to share with me. I have not been a Spacer for very long but I do know that it is not the done thing for a male Spacer to ask for a share. That is a female Spacer's prerogative. Now, I will attempt to correct the situation by asking you if I can share with Ivan. Is that OK?"
Eva laughed and said. "Of course Kerstin. May I formally ask if you will share George with me?"
Kerstin replied. "I can only offer you one half of George. You will have to ask Marita for the other half."
Eva was happy to continue the banter so she said. "Marita, may I formally ask if you will share George with me?"
Marita answered. "Yes, as long as you promise that you will not wear my half of him out."
Marita then said. "George, are you happy to share comfort with Eva now?"
"How could I refuse a lovely lady who asks for me twice in such a polite manner? Do your stuff Kerstin."

The way George, Marita and Kerstin treated Ivan and Eva is not included in this transmission. A separate transmission is available that includes this scene. It may be obtained by requesting Sharing with Friends from your video entertainment supplier. Viewers who wish this sequence to be included in chronological order in this programme should say Friends and supply the appropriate identity code now.

Shortly afterwards Ivan and Eva fell asleep again. George, Marita and Kerstin had given them all that they could take and more.
Marita said to the processor. "Big-Mar 207, Please arrange for four cups of coffee to be delivered to my cabin."
The processor said. "Acknowledged. Four cups of coffee will arrive in two minutes."

George and Kerstin left Ivan and Eva asleep as they freshened up in the shower. A robowaiter arrived and put the tray of coffees on the bedside table and departed. Kerstin and George then transported Ivan and Eva to the shower without wakening them. They made sure that they stayed asleep as they showered and dried them. Then they put their clothes back on them and sat them on the settee next to each other. Then they dressed themselves and drank two of the coffees while they were still hot. George put the two coffees left on a coffee table next to the settee. They left Ivan and Eva sitting there asleep as they went out.

Ivan found Kerstin/Marita in the bar some time later. He said. "Marita, did it really happen or did I dream it?"
Marita asked. "What do you mean Ivan, what did you dream?"
Ivan said. "You haven't changed a bit in one way Marita. Eva wanted to know why we were left two cold cups of coffee. I had to remind her about the Admiral Nilsson story. The coffee was proof that I did not dream one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. Eva said something that I thought was beyond belief. She said that while she was with you George, she experienced Marita sharing comfort with me at the same time."
Kerstin said. "It must have been Undepoldus. He must have made Eva telepathic."
It was clear that Ivan thought that Kerstin's story was just as unbelievable as Eva's so he did not take the matter further.
He said. "Thank you for giving Eva and me such a wonderful time. You can do magic when sharing comfort with us."
George said. "Ivan, we have to tell you that Leonov knows that you have been given the gift. He is in the same situation as you are. He knows the basics but not the details. You and he will have to work out ways to cover for each other when you want to snatch a few minutes with Eva and Sarah during the day. He claimed that Sarah is now just as hungry as Marita used to be. You should know what that means."
Ivan said. "Thank you for telling me George. I think that Eva would give Marita a run for her money as well. When Eva knows that Leonov is as active as I am now, I know that she will want to share with him too. Then I will have to try to cope with Sarah. The four of us have always been good friends, now we will be even closer. It is wonderful what magic Undepoldus has brought to us. I cannot believe it will last so I want to enjoy it while it is still available. I will go and see Leonov now. They should rename Undepoldus House to Olympus House. It is a gift from the gods."

Ivan left without waiting for a reply from George or Kerstin.

Kerstin said. "You are a naughty boy George. You nearly gave away one of our secrets."
George said. "Sorry Kerstin, I got carried away. Eva is an expert and I wanted to show her Marita's pleasure while she was with me."
Kerstin said. "I understand George. Marita and I sampled your pleasure and hers and we know what it was like for you. I can't get over the fact that we have these extra talents that can give us so much more pleasure than we used to have. I feel a little bit like Ivan. I wonder how long they will last. If we use them a lot will we wear them out or if we don't use them, will they fade away?"
George said. "Kerstin, I feel the same way as you. I have to check myself every now and again to be sure that I still can do some of the things we have experimented with. Most of them are impossible while I am wearing a formfit and that is good in a way. It means that I cannot show myself as strange inadvertently. I feel that I must go back to the cabin and look at myself in a mirror to see if my talents have diminished."
Kerstin said. "We can check as we sit here in one way. I will imagine that we are together and you do the same. Then feel me and I will feel you. If it works, the feelings will enhance our imaginations so that they will seem more real."
George and Kerstin tried out the idea and found it wonderful. They soon found that they could share with each other mentally without having to concentrate. They sat there enjoying each other's company using phantom comfort for a full half hour without moving. Then they both withdrew a little, maintaining the pleasure at a lower level, both knowing that they could share in this manner while doing something else. Marita joined in, pleased with what was happening. She added her own touches. She and Kerstin quickly arranged that whoever was not presented could maintain the feeling for both bodies. If the three were alone without formfits the pleasure level could be increased to the limits that the two bodies could stand.

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