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The Powerful Effect
Monday 12/04/94
Monday 12th April started windy and showery. Undepoldus left a message to say that he would be out but did not say where he was going. George played a part of the recording he had made and then erased it. What he had thought had happened to him and Kerstin was clearly real. Marita's fantasies had been extremely weird and wonderful. He tried to record what had happened in his journal without including too much detail. He heard his voice say things that he did not want to be included. From what he said, he knew that it must be Marita playing games with him. Kerstin was sitting on the opposite side of the desk writing manually. He used her eyes to see what she had written. Her notes included every detail of what had happened during the weekend. George stayed with her for a few minutes to see how she described some of the things that had happened. In the meantime Marita was still using his voice to add her version of events to the journal. Then he caught a whiff of Kerstin's thoughts in a way he had not been aware of before. His body felt the effect of what she was thinking. She was willing him to join with her from where they were sitting. George thought that she was trying the impossible but he felt himself continuing to extend steadily. Kerstin had written. 'I know that you are looking George. I am trying an experiment. I want you to share comfort with me whenever we are near to each other. If what I want to try out now will work, we will be able to share whenever we are having a meal together. I feel that I am more alive and complete whenever I have a part of you to hold. I am coming to meet you to draw you to me. This is lovely, now you are all the way across the divide. I will let you take control now but stay this way for me for a little while - please. '
Marita said. "Kerstin and I are sharing you now George. I feel the same way as Kerstin in more ways than one. I can also feel that you like to be held like this as much as we like to hold you like this. Don't worry about your journal. What I said has not been recorded. I agree with the way you have recorded what has happened. We must never ever let anyone know how we have been changed."
Kerstin said. "Marita and I are now both pregnant thanks to you. I will hold mine back until Marita's catches up. Then we will let things develop slowly. Marita and I want to have our babies in August next year. We want our body to appear to be normal during our first year of lecturing at the College. The comfort sharing course lasts from September until this time next year so we can resume normal development next February or March. Marita's baby will be a boy so we will have a proper family when they are born."
George said. "Are you sure that you want to alter the time it takes for the babies to develop?"
Marita said. "Both Kerstin and I are happy to be pregnant but we want the best of both worlds. We want to be able to share comfort with you and the students as much as we can for a year without risking harm to the babies. We can control you so that you will never cause a problem but it could be a different situation with the students."
Kerstin said. "We would also like to know if we can impart to the students some of the heavenly pleasure we always experience when sharing."
Marita said. "I would like to know if we can play around with their bodies in the same way as we can with yours. I would like to have fun with them in ways they could never dream of."
George said. "Promise me that you will not let your fantasies run wild with them as your Undepoldus version did with Kerstin and me."
Marita said. "If I can control their bodies, I will make them think that it isn't real. They will remember what happened as if it were a dream. I would also love to see you do what you are doing to us now with a bright young female student. You could say that you will use hypnotism to make her think that you are uniting with her when you are actually doing so under a table like now. We can just stand the extreme pleasure that you can give but an inexperienced student will faint if you treat her like you treat us. You know that I am a voyeuse George, and I love to see you in action nearly as much as I like to share with you."
George said. "We could try to see what we can do with friends from the Spacers Club. We will need to know the limits of our new talents. The trouble is that there are five girls that I can play with and you can only play with Gurprit or Mike. It would be unfair on you."
Kerstin said. "You forget George. We can be with you sharing your pleasure. The genders of those we play with are irrelevant now. The girls know that you only have one female body to care for now so it would not seem unusual if you began to share with other girls again. We as Kerstin will let it be known that you are available for shares. Then we will organise the girls so that you can share with them in the normal way. We will tell them that now Marita is with me that my Marita would love to watch you sharing because she is still an incorrigible voyeuse. Sorry George, we got carried away by the thought and momentarily forgot where you were. We nearly kept a piece of you and that would never do. Let us disconnect before we do any damage."
"George said. "Let me know before you try that again. I want to be able to enjoy my next 800 years."
Marita said. "I am sure that we could give you another one to use but we do not want to spoil the very thing that is and has been our very favourite toy. I can feel that no permanent harm has been done but it could have been. We will have to be more careful in future."
George said. "Let us get closer so that you can kiss it better."
Kerstin said. "That is a brilliant idea George. When we know you are feeling alright again, we can go back to the Spacers Club and spread the word that you are available for shares."

Tuesday 13/04/94
During the following week George and Kerstin were able to check their abilities with the Spacers they knew well. They found that they could share using their new abilities without their share partners being aware that they were any different to normal. Kerstin discovered that Gurprit had tried to share himself too widely and his overall health was degraded. She wished him better as they were sharing comfort and was surprised when Gurprit acquired new energy almost at once.
She became aware that she now had some of the talent that Undepoldus had. George knew as soon as she did that they were both a bit more like Undepoldus now. When George was with Jane Wanneroo he wished her younger and felt the new brightness in her responses. He and Kerstin resolved to do the same for all his share partners in future. Later, Jane asked Kerstin when she could share with George again. Kerstin told Jane that she would see when George could fit her in to his increasingly busy schedule. After some consultation with George, Kerstin told Jane that she could share with George at 14:00 the following afternoon if she promised not to tell anyone. It was Lan Fang's turn in the evening. She had only shared with George twice before so she did not know that Marita had borrowed George's body to share comfort with her. Lan Fang was so happy with her share with 'George' that she asked Kerstin before she left to let her share with George again before long.

Wednesday 14/04/94 9:15am
The following morning the Commander came to see George and Kerstin at breakfast. He said. "I don't know what has happened but my life has changed since I was with you and Undepoldus last Thursday night. Eva and I had become like a non-Spacer couple. Our sharing was pleasant and not very strenuous. We only shared once or twice a week. Now we share three times or more a day. We cannot get enough of each other. We feel almost like teenagers again. I am sure that you two know something about what has changed us. Can you or will you tell me what happened?"
Marita said. "Ivan, This will be a long story. Please bear with me until I have finished.
You were my very special friend once. You would do anything I asked you to do when we were at the College. In a way I manipulated you to make things easier for myself and the rest of the students. I persuaded you to go with Admiral Nilsson and you did. Then I asked you everything about the way you shared comfort with her and how she responded. You told me everything. I then showed you what you should do when you were with her next time. You did exactly what I told you to do and it had the desired effect. When I debriefed you again I knew that I could use you as my surrogate and I showed you what to do again. Each time you shared with her I was able to guide you into making sharing more pleasurable for both of you. I have always been the next thing to a nymphomaniac and I know what drives me. I did my best to make Admiral Nilsson into a nymphomaniac too through you. You nearly got a cold cup of coffee the fourth time because you were late for a sharing appointment with her but she didn't mind. You did not know that I had seduced her secretary to find out how much Admiral Nilsson liked you. He told me that she had tried to ask him for a share several times but he had always found a way of getting out of it. When you came on the scene he found that she didn't ask to share anymore. He was happy to tell me how often you and Admiral Nilsson shared. As I continued to advise you, I discovered that you were sharing with Admiral Nilsson sometimes twice a day. Her secretary knew that whenever you went to her office, she would be 'out' for two hours. I made sure that he never told anyone about what was going on. I helped you to develop more stamina and size so that you and any girl who was with you would have more pleasure. I was able to train you into sharing four or five times a day without effort. You could share with all the other girls and me and still keep Admiral Nilsson happy. I know that you did what you did because you loved me more than I knew.
Last Thursday night I found out through Undepoldus how you had aged and how much love you still had for me. I also found out that you loved Eva but you could not get me out of your mind when you were with her. Undepoldus and I decided that we should do something to repay you for your love and loyalty so many years ago. What you have just said shows that you are beginning to feel the benefits of the way we repaid you. You and Eva will feel like you are only eighteen for many years to come. Eva will want to share like a Spacer - particularly with George - and you will want to share with me as often as you can. I will always seem to you like I used to be. You will seem to me like you were just before we left the College. You had nearly reached that stage last Thursday night. Now the way we repaid you will have reached its full effect. You will not look any younger and neither will Eva, but the clock has been turned back for both of you. For the next few years you will be able to continue as you are. Then you will have to find another occupation as a retired Spacer who does not have health checks. Your youthfulness must remain a secret. You may realise now that we have been given a similar gift.
In ten or twenty year's time we will still be young but we will not be able to be Kerstin and George anymore without attracting attention to ourselves. We will have to hide somehow and start new lives. This is partly because Undepoldus may take twenty or thirty years before he returns and he wants to be reunited with us all when he comes back. Before he leaves we will have to have a farewell meeting with him and my other self to make arrangements for his return. He would like those he wants to see again to be very little older than they are now. You will find out who the others are at the farewell meeting. I hope that what I have said will not be too much of a shock for you Ivan. You will always be one of my dearest friends."
Ivan could say nothing for a long time. Eventually he said. "Marita, I am lost for words. When we were at the College together I always thought that I owed you a lot for what you did for me. I loved you then and still do now. Hardly anyone here at the Club knew how we were once associated and I had to treat you like any other Spacer when you came to London to live. I was married non-Spacer style while you were away collecting rocks. I never thought that our paths would cross again. When you returned I was nearly middle-aged and you seemed just as youthful as when I last saw you. Last Thursday night was a dream come true for me. I was able to share with you again - with Eva's blessing. I never told you about Eva. She was my childhood sweetheart before I became a Spacer. I promised her that I would come back one day and marry her. After I had been around the Solar System a couple of times I had some Earth leave so I looked for her to see if she had waited for me. She had. I married her straight away, even though it meant that I would be Earthbound and never be promoted beyond Commander. When Leonov became ambassador here, he asked me to be his assistant. He wanted someone who was a Spacer who would be with him for a long time. My job soon changed to becoming the manager of this club. I was happy to be doing a useful job while Earthbound. I then started collecting holos of all the Spacers who came here. This became a serious hobby and I developed it so that I had a holo of every Spacer. I have tried to meet them all at some time or other so that I could add personal details to their holos. Because of this, the League decided that I could keep this job as long as I wanted it. Now I find that you have made it possible for us to see each other for a long time to come.
Eva has changed. She doesn't think like a non-Spacer anymore. When she saw how I reacted to you on Thursday night, she wanted to see you and me together. Then she shared with George. Somehow she knew that you and Kerstin wanted her to. She said to me afterwards that somehow she felt the you and Kerstin were there with George and me too. She fell in love with George as she shared with him. She told me that I could share with you as often as I want to as long as she can share with George now and again. The first time I shared with her after Thursday night she was still herself but she had learned some of your ways, possibly through George. I felt that she was trying to remind me of you to make me able to give her more pleasure. Now I find that I am trying to find excuses to go back to my private cabin to share with her all day long. If I do get away to see her, she wants to pull my clothes off before I shut the door behind me. You have made my life beautiful and the news you have given me makes me think it is like a dream. I do not know how to find the right words to thank you Marita for everything."
Kerstin said. "Ivan, what you have just said has made me very happy that I can present Marita to you. I think that I am the lucky one to be able to have her with me. When she shared with you last Thursday night, she borrowed my body. She made excellent use of it and I look forward to the time when she borrows it again. I have just thought, if you can spare an hour or two, ask Eva if she would like to come with you to visit George and me in our cabin in half an hour when we have finished breakfast. I am sure that she will like the super bed that you so kindly provided for Marita and me."
Ivan could hardly believe his ears. He said. "I don't know if I can make it, Leonov may want to see me."
Kerstin said. "I can promise you that he won't. He and Sarah have been given the same gift as you. I will call him and tell him that you will be busy for a while. I might add that Eva has a rival, Sarah loves George too!"
Ivan looked stunned. He said. "I thought that he seemed different and wondered why he was spending more time away from his office than usual. It all makes sense now."
Kerstin did not have the heart to tell Ivan that Leonov had been sitting at the table behind him and had heard almost all that had been said. He had diplomatically left as soon as Kerstin had said that she would call him. She realised the he wanted to talk to herself and George about the way he and Sarah had been changed. He had waited for a chance to talk with them alone. Now he knew what had happened and did not need to ask any questions. Kerstin mentally reserved the following morning for him and Sarah.
She said. "Ivan, I suggest that you call Eva. She might get the wrong idea if you go back to your cabin. Ask her to come here to see you. Then escort her to our cabin without saying where you are going. It will be a nice surprise for her."
Ivan said. "Kerstin you are just as wonderful as Marita, may I share with you too some time?"
Kerstin said. "I will have to arrange that with Marita. I think that she will agree to share you with me in a few years time."
Ivan laughed. He said. "I will go and call Eva now. Please bear with her, she is a non-Spacer and will take ages to get ready."

The next section covers the further explanations to Ivan and Eva.
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