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Wednesday 07/04/94

A Stormy Day
On Wednesday 7th April Undepoldus received a severe weather forecast. He was warned of thunderstorms and extremely high winds that could affect the marquee. He then sent vidcom messages to all those who had booked for the evening concert to tell them it was cancelled. Their money would be refunded and they would be put on the priority list for one of his later concerts with free admission.

The day started like many British April days, blustery and showery. The high winds were forecast to reach London between 5 and 6 pm. After lunch Kerstin and Marita decided to transport the sound recording equipment into Undepoldus House in case the marquee was damaged. Undepoldus patrolled around the marquee to check that it was as secure as it could be.

At 14:30 there was the sound of a loud explosion near the marquee. Undepoldus was nearby and went to investigate. To his horror he saw that Marita had been struck by lightning as she walked across the grass. When Undepoldus reached her he saw that her formfit had fused. Undepoldus used all his power to call. "George, Kerstin, come here as quickly as you can." The sound was so loud that it broke many windows in the buildings near the Park. Kerstin was in the marquee and George was in Undepoldus House. Even in the relatively soundproof surroundings, the call from Undepoldus was exceptionally loud. George and Kerstin rushed towards Undepoldus, wondering why Marita had not been called. They soon saw why. Marita was still alive but was burned almost all over her body. As George and Kerstin looked helplessly at Marita, they became aware of crowds of people running towards them from all around the park.

Undepoldus bellowed, but not as loudly as before. "Stay away. You cannot help. There is nothing you can do!"

He pressed his brown patch against Marita's face. His touch brought her great comfort. It had evidently stopped the pain. Kerstin and George had tears running down their faces. They both wished that somehow they could help Marita but knew that only a miracle could save her. She was alive and conscious and in no pain but they both knew that she could only last for a few more minutes. Several floaters approached and then suddenly turned away.

Marita spoke. "I have been through many dangers but I never thought that it would end this way. I know what has happened to me and I won't be with you for long. Undepoldus has made it easier for me to tell you both that you two are the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met. Thank you for being my friends. Undepoldus, I love you. Even if I go now, it was worth it to have been your companion and friend. There is so much I would love to say to you three..."

Marita fell into unconsciousness and Undepoldus covered her completely with his brown patch.

Kerstin wailed to George. "We didn't have a chance to tell her how much love we had for her. She was so lovely and so kind to me. I feel that half my life has been taken away. Why do such things have to happen to such marvellous and talented people?"
George could only say through sobs. "Bye bye my love, my sweetheart."
"Hold me George. I keep thinking that it could have been me. I would not have worried if it had been if it meant saving Marita. She had so much to give and now it is all wasted."
Then she noticed that Undepoldus was still covering Marita. She said. "Look George, Undepoldus is kissing her goodbye."
"No Kerstin, I think that he is trying to do everything he can to save her."
Kerstin wailed. "Please Undepoldus, save our Marita. She is the most precious person in all the world to both of us."
Undepoldus made no sound.
"I am sure that Undepoldus is just as sad as we are if not sadder. He knows that he owes his life to you and Marita. You helped to feed him when he was starving to death."
George thought about what Undepoldus had told him about healing people. He wondered what mental agonies Undepoldus must be suffering, knowing that even he could not save Marita.
Then he saw that a Club floater had landed nearby. The Rear Admiral and the Commander stepped out of it followed by Jane and Gurprit. The Commander came over to George and Kerstin. He said nothing but he wrapped his arms around them both and cried pitifully. The Rear Admiral, Jane and Gurprit joined them. They were crying too. The crowd had formed a circle around the scene and police were holding them back. Another floater landed and Lan Fang, Rachel, Martha and Sil came to pay their respects to Marita. They cringed when they saw Marita's burned feet sticking out from under Undepoldus and the burnt grass where Marita had been struck. Undepoldus had not changed his position a millimetre since he had covered Marita with his brown patch.
The clouds passed by and the sun shone on the scene. The group just stood there in their sorrow, not knowing what to say to each other.
Then George thought he was dreaming. He could hear Marita's voice. It did not come from where she lay on the ground but from a few metres away.
The voice said. "Come here George, let me see you."
George thought for a moment that someone was playing a horrendous trick on him. Then he heard Undepoldus say. "Go and talk to Marita George, she is with me now."
George and Kerstin separated from the Commander and went towards the sound of Marita's voice. There, imaged in the white fur was Marita's face. She was smiling. She said. "My sweet George please don't cry for me anymore. I have lost my body but I am here. Undepoldus has saved me in his own way. I don't know how but I can see you and hear you. Kerstin, I know that you don't believe it, but it is really me. Tell the Commander I will have to resign from Spacer service. I cannot see any way that I can continue with my duties in my present state."
Then she said. "Laugh George, it was meant to be a joke. I feel completely alert mentally and I can sense Undepoldus near me. Go on, say something."
George said. "I can't believe it is really you Marita. It is a bit like talking to a ghost. I can't help feeling that Undepoldus is playing a trick on me, creating your image and your voice."
Marita's image said. "George, my love, before I faded away, I joined with Undepoldus. Then I felt I was nowhere but I could tell that I had moved from where I was. After that I realised that what was me had gone but I was still conscious somehow. Undepoldus has said that I will never see what happened to me. He will always keep it from me. The part of him that he has given to me cannot see what is happening near his brown patch. I can see you, Kerstin, the Commander, the Rear Admiral, Jane, Rachel, Sil and Lan Fang. I see you in a different way now. I can look up at you while I look down at you and see you from each side. I can see that you have all been crying because I have lost my body but I am not dead, just changed. Undepoldus has just told me that they have taken away my body. Now, even if he turns round I will not be able to see it. I think that he wants to spare me from what happened to me. Kerstin, because I do not have a body anymore, you must promise me that you will try to be a bit more like me now and again when you are with George. You must look after him because I cannot hug him and kiss him anymore.
It is getting windier, I think that we should go back to Undepoldus House now where it is warmer. Please don't cry Kerstin. It makes me feel sad to see you so unhappy. Undepoldus has asked the others to leave us so we three can be together with him for a while. Then you will know that I am really here."

Kerstin held George close and cried on his shoulder. Then Undepoldus started to make his way towards Undepoldus House. George and Kerstin followed him slowly, almost aimlessly. Then George brightened up a bit.
He said. "Kerstin, some time ago Undepoldus said to me that he felt like he had lots of brains inside him. He could communicate with them but they were somehow separate from the identity that he thinks is himself. He told me not to tell anyone but I feel that I must tell you now that he is a healer among his other talents. He can cure heart disease and kill off infections. That is why he wanted to go to Derek's company after he was with the tunnelling crew. He made them all fit and well so that they could learn Spacer ways without risking their health. I think that he tried to cure Marita but could not do so because she was so badly injured. You know what it felt like when we pressed against his brown patch together. It was wonderful and I know that I could sense you and Marita through him. He altered me so that I could give you and Marita more pleasure without exhausting myself. Now I think that he has absorbed Marita's uniqueness into himself and given her one of his spare brains to live in. His creators made him so that they could continue to exist after their bodies had died. It all fits with what I have learned about him."
Kerstin said. "If that is true, we should be able to feel that Marita's personality is with him if we make contact with his brown patch again."
When they entered Undepoldus House they were greeted by a full length image of Marita holding her hands out in welcome. She said. "Come on you two, get your clothes and formfits off, I am desperate for comfort after what I have been through."
Undepoldus said nothing. He presented his brown patch so that George and Kerstin could press themselves against him. As they approached he said. "Please lie down. You will be more comfortable than if you stand up."
George and Kerstin laid side by side on their backs as Undepoldus lowered his brown patch gently onto their bodies.
They didn't exactly hear Marita but they understood what she said to them.
"You two have been my greatest friends and you always will be. I can feel you George and I can feel you Kerstin. George, I can feel what it is like to be a man now and how you have felt when you have shared comfort with me. I know all your secrets but I will not tell anyone. I love the way you remember the feeling of my breasts against your face. I love the way you tried valiantly to please Kerstin when I pushed you too hard and then pretended to be asleep because you could not take any more. I love the way you were aroused by the sight of my body as you anticipated sharing comfort with me. I love you, George, more than ever now I know how you loved me as I was.
Kerstin, if you like, I can share a part of me with you. If you will accept a part of me, you can make yourself seem like me when you are with George. You will have my voice and my reactions and you will feel like me to George. In a way I will be borrowing your body for a while but you will experience the same depth of pleasure that I felt when I was with George. You will be able to switch between you and me as you wish or share George with me in any proportion you choose. Your body is so like mine was that you could be me as far as anyone else could tell. You will know what I know when you want to be me but you will lose my knowledge as soon as you want to be yourself again. When you are being me, you will always be Kerstin being me. I will never ever be you. If you are unsure, think about it and talk it over with George. I am deliberately staying out of your thoughts so that I do not influence your decision. However, I would like to think that George will not miss out because I do not have a body to share comfort with him anymore. What do you think Kerstin?"
Kerstin spoke with the same voiceless words that Marita had used. "Marita, I would love to be able to share comfort with George like you. I was trying to think how I could make up for the fact that you cannot share comfort with George anymore. There is one thing that is worrying me, I do not know how you could feel George through me as you are now."
Marita said. "I can share what Undepoldus shares. Whenever we shared comfort when Undepoldus was with us, he could feel the pleasures that all three of us had. Undepoldus is a pleasure addict as far as his programming will let him be. The more pleasure we had, the more pleasure he had. He shared with us more than we realised. Now, if you share with George, I will feel George through you but I will also feel you through George. It seems a bit strange to you I know, but it is a marvellous advantage to be neuter in this way." If you like, I can give you a sample of what George feels like to me."
"I would like that Marita, please do it now. Oohh! That is marvellous Marita! You can share my body with me whenever you like."
"Here I come now. It will take several minutes. In the meantime Undepoldus will link you and George so you can share comfort in a completely new way."
George felt as if Kerstin was climbing onto him without the sensation of her weight. Then they were together, both feeling like two people each providing the other with exactly what the other wanted. It was like a dream of pleasure that seemed to be endless. George found that he could switch from feeling what Kerstin felt to what he felt in an instant. The pleasure was so intense both ways that it felt like it was something almost solid that he could hold in his hands to keep forever. He thought that an experience like this must be just a dream then heard Marita's voiceless voice saying. "This is real George, I am feeling it too, isn't it marvellous."

George woke up in the bedroom in Undepoldus House. Kerstin was lying next to him watching him as he awoke. She said. "That is typical of a man, you went to sleep on me. I had to pick you up and carry you here."
Then she switched to Marita's voice. "I don't know how it sounds to you but I am experimenting with being Marita. Do I sound alright?"
George burst into tears. He said. "M-uh, Kerstin, you were exactly like Marita. Would you mind if you pretended to have her body for a few moments?"
Kerstin said. "I can keep my own voice and give you Marita's body any time you like. You know that I will do anything to please you George."
George was instantly aroused as Kerstin caressed him in exactly the same way as Marita had done.
He said. "Kerstin, you are so kind to me and so is Marita. I must be the luckiest man in the world to have won the love of such wonderful girls."
Then he heard Marita's voice from outside the room. "Don't belittle yourself George. Kerstin and I were lucky to have you between us. I can feel both of you and I am wondering when you are going to get started. Get sharing, I'm hungry for both of you."
Then Marita said. "Thank you Kerstin. After what happened to me I thought that I would never feel George again like this. Let yourself in too so we can share George together."
It was clear that Marita was aware of George's enhancements but was initially unaware that Kerstin had been changed too. Kerstin took over and proceeded to demonstrate her new-found ability. George felt as if she had been bouncing back and forth, squirming and squeezing, drawing him in and pushing him back while her body was pressed close to his and relatively still.
"It is lovely to be with both of you. Please keep it up as long as you can. I love your technique Kerstin. Undepoldus has made the two of you into our pleasure machines. Do not switch yourselves off until you have to."

The next section covers the change in Marita's situation.
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