This section covers the queries received by Undepoldus from Mr. Robinson's staff.
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What Do Spacers Do?
The three returned to Undepoldus House to tell Undepoldus of their experiences.
Undepoldus greeted them with a smiling face. He said. "I have received a lot of calls from Mr. Robinson's construction company. They were all about things that the people did not feel able to ask you personally. To answer their curiosity I have shown them recordings of you making use of hygiene stations and sharing comfort with each other. Every one of them insisted that I should treat the recordings I showed to them as a private and confidential communication. They were all pleasantly affected by the recordings."
Kerstin said. "That shows that we were performing properly Undepoldus. I am glad that you were able to satisfy their curiosity."
"They asked me how often George shared comfort with you. I said that as far as I knew George shared comfort with both of you twice nearly every night."
Kerstin said. "Undepoldus, you should have said that it was three times a night on average. You should not have given them the impression that George was inadequate."
Marita asked. "Did any of them make any comment on what you showed them?"
Undepoldus said. "They all wondered how George was able to share comfort so often. I told them that all Spacers are trained in giving and receiving comfort. Male Spacers have to learn how to share comfort at least four times a day on a regular basis in order to graduate from the Spacers College."
Kerstin asked. "Did they want to know how the training was carried out?"
Undepoldus said. "I showed them excerpts from the recordings used at the Spacers College. I told them that it was a part of the training for all Spacers to get used to the idea of being studied while sharing comfort and also to study the ways in which other couples shared comfort."
George asked. "Did you tell them about the supervisor arrangements?"
Undepoldus answered. "Yes. I said that every male Spacer cadet is cared for by a female Spacer who acts as his supervisor. The supervisor's job is to examine the cadet in her charge after he has shared comfort and to prepare him to share comfort again as soon as she can. She also selects the female cadets that the male cadet shares comfort with."
Kerstin asked. Were those answers enough to satisfy their curiosity?"
Undepoldus said. "No. It seemed that the more I told them, the more they wanted to know. They asked me where they could get the training that Spacer cadets received. I told them that the only place I knew of was the Spacers College. The best thing that they could do would be to set up their own training program. I could supply them with recordings to guide them if they wanted them. I advised them that they should have regular medical checks and not to expect instant results. They should spend as much time as possible in nude groups so they could become as used to seeing genitalia as they were used to seeing noses. I said that it should also become routine for them to assist each other in matters of hygiene."
Marita said. "I think that many of them would find that hard to get used to."
Undepoldus said. "I think that they might find it hard when they try it for the first time but they will soon realise that it is a better way of doing things."
Kerstin said. "Would you show us the recordings that you sent them. I would like to know what they saw of us."
Undepoldus said. "The recordings I sent were mostly those which I thought would make those who saw them want to copy your examples as soon as they could. I think that they may well have the same effect on you. I know that the recordings are likely to have less effect on you than they would for non-Spacers but you will be able to give me an indication of their effects."
George said. "I will be interested to see how others see me. Marita and Kerstin have effectively seen what they look like when they are with me."
Undepoldus said. "I will make a recording of your reactions which you may want to see later."
Undepoldus began the display of the recordings in a life size view. George sat on the settee between the two girls. Undepoldus had chosen his selections well and they soon had the effect that he had predicted. The three spent a very enjoyable afternoon together.

Undepoldus received a lot of calls from Derek during the next few days. Undepoldus agreed to do a trial run at tunnelling and gave advice about the way a new recreation centre for the construction company should be built and furnished.
Undepoldus also received the news that his planned programme of concerts could start on the 30th of November. It was later than he had hoped but it left him with plenty of time to try out his tunnelling ability.

On Wednesday the 11th November Undepoldus had his first tunnelling job. During the night of the 10th he was able to use the freight transporter to take him to Brentwood. The job was to make some tunnels under a moveway to enable wildlife to get from one side to the other. The plan was for Undepoldus to make a tunnel while he was closely followed by a shuttering machine. Undepoldus was asked to slow down several times because the supply of shuttering could not keep pace with his progress. Even so, he was able to make four tunnels in five hours.

Derek had estimated that the jobs would take three weeks using normal methods and had quoted that he could complete the work in three days. Undepoldus himself checked the shuttering for stability. The tunnels he had created were many times larger than the minimum size specified but the construction crew were very happy with the result. The tunnels were easily big enough to accommodate a standard city strip.

During the breaks in the work Undepoldus answered a lot of questions about the lives of Spacers. One of the workmen asked if George, Marita and Kerstin were happy about the recordings that had been sent to Derek's staff.
Undepoldus said. "I have not asked them directly what they think but they were quite happy when I told them that I had sent recordings of them to you. I can say that they enjoyed viewing the recording of themselves very much. The only problem is with the attitudes of some non-Spacers. Many non-Spacers regard recordings of sharing comfort as immoral or bad. Spacers consider sharing comfort to be just as natural as eating. They find it a wonderful way to help to keep fit."

The next section covers the instructions given by Undepoldus to Mr. Robinson's tunnelling crew, and later, to the rest of Mr. Robinson's staff.
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