This section covers the developments at the University.
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More Teamwork
When Marita arrived at the University she found that Sergeant Fisher was waiting for her inside the gates.
He said, "Miss Andersson, Miss Kohlvits has discovered who has been bugging the University processors. She is one of the lecturers here, Mrs. Wanda Grigson. Miss Kohlvits put a miniature vidcom recorder unit in your lecture room to see who was fitting the bugs. She contacted Mr. Singh who passed on the message to your Spacer Security services. I was told to come here and meet you before you entered the University."
"Has the Bursar been informed?"
"No. Spacer Security has said that it is better if as few people as possible know that she has been spotted. The bugs she has used have only a short range so there must be a receiver recorder nearby. Miss Kohlvits and her fellow students are looking for it whenever they get the chance. It is better that they do it because an outside investigator would be noticed. Mr. Singh has told me that your students are a very able bunch and are very keen to try to protect you."
"What should I do?" asked Marita.
"Nothing. Please carry on as if you do not know anything about this except to remember that the processor in your lecture room is bugged. The bug has to be working so that the receiver recorder can be found. When it is found, Mr. Singh will deal with it."
"Thank you Sergeant Fisher.
"It is all part of my job ma'am. It is Miss Kohlvits you must thank. She is a very bright young lady."
With that the Sergeant walked away.

When she entered her lecture room, all her students were milling around in small groups. As she passed one of the groups she was given a piece of paper surreptitiously. Marita glanced at the note as she arranged the papers on her desk. It read. 24 know that you know.
Marita realised that the milling around had been a cover to pass her the note as the students went back to their seats as soon as she was ready to begin her lecture.
As she knew that she was being bugged, she gave a lecture that was a selection of excerpts from previous lectures she had given. It took the class a minute or two to realise what she was doing.
None made any comment. They all knew that what Marita was saying was for the benefit of the bug. It would also make it easier to crack any code that was used to encrypt the bug's output.
At the end of her lecture Marita said "I will circulate a sheet of paper so that you can write down any questions you may have so that I can prepare answers for you in a future lecture."
At the top of the page she wrote. 'Sorry about the repetition but I am sure you know why. Observe carefully but do not do anything that will betray the knowledge that we have.'

When the paper was returned it contained more information than Marita was looking for. Five students had written that they also attended Mrs. Grigson's lectures. Anita Kohlvits had written that she had the whole lecture recorded with time marks to assist with decryption. She had also monitored the bug's output since she had discovered that a new one was there. Pietro Sanchez thought that Mrs. Grigson may carry a receiver recorder with her. As he was also one of her students, he would do his best to find out if she did. Alice Shah wrote that she knew where Mrs. Grigson lived because her student flat was nearby. Roberto Annigoni wrote that Mrs. Grigson frequently shared a floater with a man who was unconnected with the University who was not Mr. Grigson. Marita added a few comments to the information she had been given and said, "I will circulate this sheet again. I don't think that your questions have been thought out well enough. See what the others have written and see if you can do better."
When she got the sheet back again it was clear that synergy had taken place. Li Fan Cho wrote. 'I know what Mrs. Grigson's floater friend looks like.' Susannah Smith wrote. 'I have noticed that Mrs. Grigson often looks in her briefcase during her lectures. I have always wondered why until now. I think Pietro is right.' Odine Ladingor wrote. 'Mrs. Grigson always spends a lot of time with her processor after lectures. None of the other lecturers do.' Anita Kohlvits had written. 'Pietro, Fan Cho and Odine. Brilliant stuff! I am usually free when you have Mrs. Grigson's lectures.'
Marita said, "That is a lot better. If any of you think that you want to revise your questions, please indicate."
Several hands were raised so Marita circulated the sheet again.
Alice Shah wrote. 'This is excellent but laborious. We can continue this exercise after the lecture period. We will pass on our info to Anita who has her own way of contacting Mr. Singh.'
Following Alice's comment was a series of 'OKs' and signatures.
Marita was delighted with the information that the class had gathered. "Before you go to your next lectures I would like to remind you of one of the golden rules of being a Spacer:  Always make sure that you know how to do a task before you attempt to do it. A Spacer has to know her level of competence in order to do her job properly."

The usual buzz of discussion at the end of the lecture period was absent for a moment. Someone noticed and asked. "Who is going to the hockey match tomorrow?" The buzz was quickly, even if somewhat artificially, restored to normal. Marita hoped that the unusual silence would not be noticed by whoever was listening.

The next section covers the discovery of more information about the watchers.
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