QEMU Z80 Target

I have written a Z80 target for QEMU (an emulator using dynamic recompilation), mainly as a learning exercise. It currently emulates the 48K ZX Spectrum.

To build it, you will first need to fetch the source (from Git). You will then need to place a copy of the 48K ZX Spectrum ROM in the pc-bios directory. If you only wish to compile the Z80 target, you will save time when compiling if you pass ‘--target-list=z80-softmmu’ to the configure script. If you have libspectrum installed, then the ‘--enable-libspectrum’ will enable support for libspectrum, allowing you to load snapshots with the ‘--kernel’ option.

Note that a dummy disk image is no longer required to run the emulator.

Many thanks to those on #spin that helped me with some of the debugging! Thanks also to Ulrich Hecht for the improved version of the patch.

Please send any patches to the address given below!


ZX Spectrum reset sequence in QEMU ZX Spectrum startup screen in QEMU

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Stuart Brady

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