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"Virtus Fortunae Comes - Fortune favours the brave"

18 Cleveley Park

Dear Colleague,

We have arranged for the Annual Dinner to be held on Friday 22 April commencing 7.00pm for 7.30pm at the Ulster Reform Club Royal Avenue Belfast.
Our guest speakers will include Ralph Magee, Principal Andrews Memorial School Comber, Robin Smythe, former Principal Antrim High School, former Principal Massereene Community College and Dr. Ian Drysdale, Vice Principal Wellington College Belfast.
We have planned an excellent menu at a cost of £36.00 which includes a wine and soft drinks reception prior to the Dinner. A vegetarian menu is available on request.
The number attending the Dinner has to be limited to one hundred guests so reservations will have to be on a “first come, first served” basis. We are expecting an excellent response so please book promptly to avoid disappointment.
Places will be allocated on the receipt of a cheque made payable to Annadale Grammar School F.P.A. and should be received by me no later than Friday 8 April. Group seating arrangements can be made on request; dress code is strictly lounge suit and tie.
There is no car parking available on site other than off street parking in designated areas in the surrounding streets or in the Victoria Square Car Park.
I look forward to receiving your support for this event and please note that no acknowledgement is issued other than the lodgement of your remittance.

Yours sincerely,

R. G. Armstrong

It is not our intention to have an annual subscription but we would invite you to donate an amount of no more than fifteen pounds to cover increased stationery and especially postage costs.
Any donations to the “Douglas Paulin Appeal” will be most welcomed made payable to Annadale Grammar School Former Pupils’ Association.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Telephone: 028 9079 0360


David (Seed) Agnew interviewed the late 'Do' Roberts before he retired. Click HERE to read the interview

David Ruddock attended Annadale Grammar School from 1963 – 1970 and I have so many good memories of those years.   I’ve lost touch with most of my contemporaries.  I went on to QUB where I studied geology and then Manchester University before eventually working for the German chemical company BASF and ending up back in Manchester.  I have been retired for the past two years.  If any of my former schoolmates pick this up this entry get in touch.  I would be good to hear from you.  Regards to any of my former teachers and contemporaries who read this: David and Ivan Coffey, Tony Speers, George Ford, Billy Smith, Alan Henry, Rod McVeigh, David Jamieson, Bill Ferguson, Malcolm Curtis, Raymond Stewart etc. to name but a few.
Barry Woodside I have many photos from AGS 1964-1970, 1964-1971, AGS - QUB 1971-1974. e.g.these
Johnston (John) Gorman I saw Trevor Foster's posting and it goaded my memory of our days at Annadale. I too was one of the first students initially at the Model School on Cliftonville Ave., I think. Although we went to the Model, we were Forms 4F and 4G of the new Annadale Grammar School. I don't remember many of the boys but I do remember some; Duffin Shaw, Jackie Alexander, Raymond DeVoy I remember other faces but the names are gone. I don't remember if Trevor was in 4F but these three were there with me. My favorite Master was Johnny Crumpton whom we didn't meet until we transferred over to Annadale which was under construction on the Embankment. I remember a funny story from when we moved to the embankment. It was Mr. Crumpton's first class in French. We had been learning French at the Model for some time without much success. He walked into the class with his robe flowing and wrote his name on the board. He turned to the class and raising the chalk between his fingers said, "C'est la craie". Without hesitation and in unison the whole of Form 4F said "la craie" He then said "I see we have to start at the beginning".
I am now living between Hudson, Quebec, Canada and a cottage on Prince Edward Island. When I was working with Det Norske Veritas, I worked in Canada, Korea, Vietnam and China.
One of the brightest boys I remember from Annadale was Jack Alexander. He was consistently first in the class and did so without any apparent effort. He left early. I often wonder what happened to him. Does anyone know ?
Joe Collins Some photos of a reunion a couple of years ago
Derek Duke If you were on the school trip to Russia in 1966(Sam Watt and Davy Coffey):- click here
Graham Johnston I attended Annadale from 1951 to 1957. (Photograph) The teachers I remember most for the impression they made on me and the contribution to my future were Oskar Rudnitzky (Latin), Ted Hazleton (Physics), David Erskine (English), Billy Black (French and German) and Bunny Warren (English). Bunny was the man the term “dapper” was coined for and he had the most mellifluous voice. One day when he was reading aloud a poem by Keats my eyes started streaming with tears. I had to look out of the window so that nobody would notice. “What’s the matter, Johnty?” - “The sun was in my eyes”. Oskar Rudnitzky had to leave Nazi Germany after his law degree but could not practice in the UK as the continent applies Roman law and not Anglo-Saxon law, but as Latin was such a key component of his German degree he was able to teach it. Ted Hazleton was a great guy and we called him “the perpetual student” as he would graduate in one subject, teach it for a while and then go and graduate in another. He also led our school trip to Boppard in Germany (I believe in 1954). A group of us were having difficulties with physics prior to our Senior Certificate and he held classes in his home regularly to make sure we did ourselves justice. Still on my desk is a plain postcard wishing me well in my exam. David Erskine made an impression on me in two ways; firstly he developed the “handle” of hair on the side of my head by maneuvring me down the corridor for either being noisy or fighting (being small but not a victim). Secondly he and Ted Hazleton encouraged me to take German and David Erskine gave me the little dictionary he had been issued with by the Germans in his POW camp. Still have it. When we were on leave from the RAF in 1968 we decided to have our eldest daughter Paula christened in Belfast. The Presbyterian minister was none other than David Erskine! Billy Black was my French teacher (after Mr Crumpton, Deputy Head). As he was the most junior member of staff at the time Billy used to get lumbered with supervising Friday detention and I was always in it for various reasons. I had to tell my mother that school ended an hour later on Fridays. He got fed up with watching me sitting there writing lines and asked me if I wanted to do extra French. That set me on a course to become a French, Russian and German military interpreter and to work in the intelligence services. After 12 years in the RAF I graduated in German and Russian from Nottingham University before returning to MoD as a civilian lecturer, becoming first Head of German, then Head of Russian and finally Head of Slavonic Languages prior to retirement in 2001. I now top up my pension with translations for major companies. The standard of education at Annadale was excellent. In my “qually” I had gained a scholarship to Campbell, but my parents could not afford the extras and I did not like the idea of 2 years “prep” school. I am glad I went to Annadale with my friends from the Ormeau Road and was especially pleased when we won the Cup in 1958 against Campbell. For us more “street-wise” kids rugby was like legitimised gang warfare. Annadale was the first of the educational and training establishments I attended that transformed my life – Belfast Tech (engineering), RAF intensive language courses and Nottingham University. Without that start I would not have had such an interesting and rewarding life.
Jim Armstrong This F.P.A. website is stickin' out, so it is! I am Jim Armstrong (1951-57), a.k.a. "Amo" (as in 1st Form Latin "amo, amas, amat, ..."). I remember all of the teachers mentioned in previous "posts" and I would also add: Anderson (music); Geordie Acheson (English); Billy Black (French); Ireland rugby forward Robin Thompson (Science); Victor Kelly (History); Ernie (?) McCreary who used to play for Cliftonville; and Don (?) Mayhew who tried, utterly in vain, to teach me algebra, trig., and calculus. My classmates and contemporaries included: 6 Mc's McClurg, McCormick, McCullough, McFarland, McIntosh, McNamara 3 R's Raymond Auld, Robbie Tate, Ronnie Walker 2 Jims Hannah and Larmour And also Alan Byers, Eddie Cadden, Ernie Hewitt, the Smith twins Billy and Harry, Tommy "Leo" Lyons, Victor Beavis who scored the try that won us the 1958 Schools Cup against Campbell College, and the F.P.A's very own R.G. "Bobby" Armstrong (no relation). I emigrated to Canada in 1966 and now live in Victoria, British Columbia. If there are any 50's era Annadalians in this part of the world do drop me a line (but we DON'T do Facebook!). Hope to see yez all in 2011. Cheers! Jim
Tom Brown My name is Tom Brown and I attended the Boys Model School for the September term 1949 (before Annadale was finished and ready for occupation in the new year) and as a result have a lasting memory of the Model School's headmaster (McNeilly) brandishing what looked like a billiard cue, to convince us to learn English! Annadale's headmaster Mr Martin was a completely different kettle of fish, and had a more gentlemanly manner but yet authoritative. Oscar Rudnitzky taught Latin, Chuck Evans occasionally stood- in for Mr. Crumpton teaching French, and Mr. Kirk to his despair tried to teach Art to the (mostly) unteachable. Occasionally, to liven things up, Graham (4G) would charge along our row in assembly, knocking books out of unsuspecting pupils hands to create an uproar and being small was never seen by the teachers. Those were the days ? I have to say that in later life I can look back and say that the standard of education at Annadale was excellent and has stood me in good stead in my later (Engineering) career having travelled to France, Germany, South Africa, America, Denmark etc, also on such diverse means of transport as BOAC Comet airliner, Dakota converted to take passengers, Heysham boat, (without stabilisers, middle of winter, Irish Sea). Hope that everyone of the pupils of that founding era is still alive and it would be great to hear from 4G men.
Thomas Hill Attended Annadale from 1957-1964. Went from there to study Economics at Queens (until 1968) and to do an M.Sc at the University of Ulster (until 1969). Joined the Ministry of Finance in 1970 as an Economist and stayed for 3 years. Went to Japan in 1973, studied Japanese for 2 years, and started teaching in university in 1977. I got a doctorate in applied linguistics in 1997, and am still teaching linguistics in the same university - 32 years now! At Annadale in the upper sixth I played 1st XV rugby and 1st XI cricket, and would love to hear from any colleagues who remember me. The classes and teachers I remember most are Mr Paulin and his A level class on Milton's Samson Agonistes, Herby Black's "They're not hills they're drumlins!!" and D B Eskine's "I've lost my memory - anyone seen it lying around?" - referring to his notebook!
Derek White Attended Annadale 1955 to 1961

Recall teachers:
Dr Paulin headmaster,
Mr Erskine (former tank commander) English,
Mr Jameson (tall man) Art,
Mr Coffey History,
Mr Redhead French,
Mr Hall.

Brian (Loco) Moore. Family had guest house in Botanic Avenue.
Wesley Crawford lived on the Ormeau Road opposite Florenceville Avenue.
Mitchell Hewitt Watt Street Ravenhill. Joined Royal Navy.
X Sinclair. Family has shop near Holywood Arches.

Now semi retired and living in County Tipperary Anyone out there?
Albert Scott I attended Annadale in 51/53 I can remember Tom Turkington. John Teer, Brian Ellis. I played for the Medallion side as prop and hooker. I also was second in the discus at The Belfast School Sports in June 1952. Any photographs would be appreciated. I have lived in Sydney Australia since 1963
Ernie McConville Here is a list of our old school pals of 1953; we are trying to organise a reunion. Has any one a contact for any of them?

Ronnie Sayers:
Sam Harte:
Paul Wright:
Jimmy Hillis:
Jim Webster:
Robert McGaffin:
John Kelly:
David McKittrick:
? Adair:
Jackie Brown:
? Taylor:
Davy Reynolds (great swimmer)
Unfortunately, a lot of our class of '53 are no longer with us. Any info on any of these guys would be appreciated.
Denis Trought Would anyone attending Annadale Grammar School between 1956-1964 have a look at the attached photo and help me identify the missing classmates.The names I can remember and can identify are...David Brown , Derek"Dinger"Bell , Jackie mcKenna, Rodney Thom, Munroe, Ray McCullough, McDonald, Nat Braden, Albert McCleery, Brian Leslie, Roger Owen, John Ryan, Derek Brown, Mervyn Dalton, Denis Trought, Michael Mckay, Trevor Brooks, Jim Paterson, Roy Bowman, Roy "Dynamite"Forsythe, Brian Harpur, Ken Galbraith. Denis Trought ( middle row, second from the right, Buddy Holly lookalike !)
Nigel Richardson I attended Annadale from 1964 to 1973 played rugby, had fun and took A levels twice (well it was better than working) preferring science to the arts. I was in Alexander House. I have been living in New Zealand since 1987 in Wellington, strangely enough since they renamed the school.
Rodney Thom I attended Annadale 1956-1964. I subsequently taught Economics at the University of Ulster 1969-1977 and at University College Dublin from 1977 to 2009. I retired in July 2009 and now live in West Cork and would be delighted to make contact with any of my old classmates.
Margaret Bartholomeusz (nee Kane) I attended Carolan, left there in 1974 to live in New Zealand, I am trying to make contact with school friends, especially Gillian Hughes, can anyone help?
Jim Kidd I attended Annadale Grammar from 1962 – 1969, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Played most sports including Rugby, Basketball and Volleyball – a few names I remember are:-
Stuart Dougall
Alan Henry
Rod McVeigh
David (Buster) Jamieson And all that era.
I have lived in Scotland since 1982, and am still involved in with the local Rugby Club as a coach and social member.
Anybody out there remember those good old days?
Victor Blease The Old Mountaineering Club Annadale Grammar School Mountaineering Club
Trevor Foster I was one of the first pupils at Annadale moving to the school from the Model in early 1950. Two classes had been attending the Model until the school opened and became F and G as A to E had been allocated!. Building was still going on and we had to change into gutties (providing a handy weapon for Mr. Ferguson.) Because of the state of the site we were urged to wear short trousers as long as possible. One wag in long trousers said he was! I did the first Junior Certificate in 1952 and Senior in 1954. I subsequently graduated in Chemistry at QUB ( thanks Mr Gillespie ) and went on to a career in the Oil Industry working in seven countries while keeping up my hobby as a jazz musician. I attach a photo of the first group of prefects and would love to know if Davy Law is still around.
Trevor Brooks I went to Annadale 1956-1964. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who can remember me. I have attached a photograph of 1B (1956). That's me top row second from right.
Ian Wilson I was a pupil at Annadale from 1956 to 1962 in the same group as Ted McGuigan, Brian Ballard and the late Chris Williams. When I left, I was lucky enough to pass the Open Civil Service exam with a sufficiently high mark to get into the Foreign Office and I have worked in HM Diplomatic Service ever since. My postings have included Moscow (I was there when the school visited in 1966 and entertained David Coffey at the Embassy), Colombo, Brussels, Banjul, Canberra, Calcutta, Bucharest, Pretoria, Nairobi, Kuwait, Tehran, Riyadh and Beijing. I'm now based in London and wondering whether, after 46 years, I should retire. Would be glad to hear from anyone who might remember me, particularly members of the Dramatic Society
Alan Wilson I attended Annadale from 1955 to 1960, going through 2R, 3R 4R, 5T & 6T before leaving and Joining what was then ICT in Belfast. Among other things, I became a computer operator, computer programmer and systems analyst there and was sponsored to attend Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB) as a mature student, where I graduated with an honours degree in Computer Science and Mathematics in 1974. My wife Helen and I now live in Congleton, Cheshire and we have two children (Kelly & Sarah) and one grandson (Oliver). After 44 years service with Fujitsu Services (formerly ICT, where I first joined in Belfast, and ICL) including 4 years at QUB and over 5 years Lecturing on Computing at the College of Arts, Science & Technology (CAST) and at the University of the West Indies (UWI) at Mona in Jamaica (from where we adopted our two daughters), I've finally retired (6th March 2008). Attached is a are a few relatively recent photographs, including a form photo’ of 4R and one of the AGS Water Polo team for which I played goal. I’d be delighted to hear from anyone still alive from those days and also from anyone who would like to prove me wrong about an after-life too. J

AGS 1959-60 Water Polo Team
AGS-Form 4R(1957-58)
Alan Wilson
Kelly, Sarah & Oliver 28th September 2005
Alan, Helen and Oliver(28th September 2005)
Sarah and Kelly (December 2003)-1
Sarah and Kelly December 2003)-2
Dr David L Leggett Proud member of The Turds XV for two years. Played rugby in Canada and Australia where I have been living for the last 35years. I would love to hear from any of the classmates from those splendid times even though I have totally lost touch with one and all. Ran into Mr Fitzjohn in 1995 at the "new" sportsground when I was last in NI for my mother's funeral-Dr D L Leggett PS Say hello to Bobbie Armstrong for me-I thought no referee would ever get to his age-Too many enemies
Alan Graham I joined Annadale in 1970, my father William Graham was one of the schools original pupils. As an avid follower of Linfield, a question has come up on our Club forum, I was wondering if anyone can confirm that Eric Bowyer was a pupil? I captained a Montgomery 3-a-side team which won the said competition around '73 and he presented the cup to yours truly, but I'm almost certain he did so as a former pupil?
Norman Moore I was at Annadale from 1956 to 1962. I have fond memories of my time there. I played hockey and tennis for the school and loved the fact that we were generally regarded as the underdogs by the older more established grammar schools such as Campbell, Inst. and the Methodist College. It made giving them a good hammering even sweeter. I left Ireland just two years after leaving school, on a scholarship to the UK with Taylor Woodrow. I managed to graduate as an Architect in London and since then I have been a gypsy, living and working in Australia, the Middle East, London again and finally returning to Australia in 1987. My chosen profession has allowed me to see a great deal of the world, and I am eternally grateful for the grounding I received from " Stewarty " the art master, not to mention a life long enthusiasm for literature from " Bollo Brown". Even a gypsy has to carry some small tokens of home, and I attach a few reminders which may bring a smile to your readers.
The 1st Hockey Team
The 1st Rugby Team
The Cockatrice 1962
The Staff 1962
Me today
Colin Irvine Does anyone have a school photo of Form 3 from '63? I still have some of my school books from this era and found an old homework diary in my Mums. Sorry I did not keep my old school badge and Dill House colours but do not miss the cap! My cousins Roy & Stephen Magee went to Annadale in the late Sixties.
Jim Neale I attended Annadale from 55-57. Dr Paulin was Head-Master... Bunny Warren was English... Chuck Evans took us for rugby... Dan Archer was Math... FitzJohn was gym. I played for the 3rd form football team...and met our own 4th form team in the final of the Grammar School Cup at Cliftonville Football grounds. I would love to hear from anyone of those years. I have been living in Canada since 67... now in Meaford ONTARIO. Jim Neale
Ken Ettie I attended Annadale from 1958 to 1965. I now live in Canada's Arctic. People who I remember are - students: Graham Curry, Michael Hart, McKee, teachers: Mr Paulin, Mr McGrath (VP, History), Mr. (Erk) Erskine (English, Religion), "Twitchy" Bruce (Math), Mr McNamee (English, French), Herbie Black (Geography), 'Dan' Archer, (Math). I remember when the class locked "Twitchy" in the store room and piled the desks against the door. No one got into trouble for it.
Jim McVeigh I attended Annadale from 1950 to 1952, leaving at the end of second year to go to Morgan Academy, Dundee, Scotland. I have Lived in Ontario Canada since 1966 and am retired from Ontario Hydro. The classmates I recall are Jim Montgomery, David Brown, Billy Wilson and Harry Gordon. Teachers were Chuck Evans (Latin) and Mr. Redhead ( Math) .The principal was Mr. Martin and a memory of the school I remember still was when the entire school was summoned to an unexpected assembly to hear the Vice principal announce" King George the VI has died. The king is dead, long live the queen" It would be good to hear from any one who remembers me.
Simon Hawthorne I attended 1974-81, in the same era as Morris Duncan and John Harbinson. Great to get in touch with them. I now live in Queensland, Australia, have done for 18 years....I called in to the new school in May last year on a visit home, and caught up with Norman Lawlor, can't believe he is still teaching....get him a Zimmer frame quick....just kidding, a magic guy.
Alastair Reilly Great to find this on the web brought back some great memories. Glad to hear from any one from those days in the tin huts. Sep. 78 - Jun. 83
Tom Lyons (nickname Leo ) I was at Annadale from 1951 - 58 . Played a lot of sports, received a geog degree and came to Canada in 1962.PHOTO
Kieran Hunter I was at Annadale from 1970 to 1973 before moving to Winnipeg Canada. I'd love to hear from anyone who was around at that period.
Gabriel Haythornthwaite trying to contact Gary Kirby, Ian Leaper or David Fulford. All completed A levels in 1982
Victor Morrow I left after A levels around 1986 or so and would be very interested to hear from any others in my year. Apart from occasional visits I have not spent any real time in Belfast since 1991. Currently working around the U.S.
John Harbinson I attended Annadale Grammar School during the period 1974-1981.These were excellent years and I have only fond memories of them and of all the teachers and classmates I was associated with during this time. John Harbinson
Jeff Neill Annadale & Wellington College 1985 - 1992. Would be great to get in touch with anyone who knew me.
George Dickson Hi There, great to speak to any o the class of 92 or anyone else who wants to catch up
Arthur Thompson Annadale 1954 - 1958 Moved to Canada & finished education in Montreal. Lost contact with old Annadale friends Roy & Leslie Gardiner. Got in touch with Tom Logan here in Canada
Ian Baxter Wondering if there are any of my Annadale class mates out there for the period 63 through 71. Now living in Singapore
Louise Williamson Hi everyone. Its amazing to see that in the short space of time that it has been since I left Carolan &Wellington so much has changed. Best of luck to the staff and pupils for the new school and I wouldn't mind hearing from any old boys and girls from the Class of 95. It was a great school and I hope its future is as good as its past
William Matthews (Matt) Started Annadale on opening day 1950. Lived in Australia since 1960. Thanks to this site I have caught up with Leo Lyons, Merrill McRoberts and Drew Campbell. I have been sharing some memories by email with Drew Campbell, including a final year photo (1956) with Fergie as Form Master. We have been slowly putting names to faces. Anyone like a copy?
Ian Orr Interested to hear from people who recognise my name from Annadale Grammar School, first year 1956
Brian McCalden Hi I left after O Levels in fifth form in 1972 I have only seen a few former schoolmates since then. I have lived in USA for a while, but I am now a local magazine editor. I had two older brothers at Annadale, David and Thomas. Anyone remember? any links? Brian McCalden Ex-Grosvenor Road Note new email
Merrill McRoberts Would like to hear from/about anyone from 1950-55 especially Frank Gallagher, David Rodgers, David Crone. Those were the days, my friends. I hope to hear from you.
Jack(John)Stewart I was a pupil in Annadale G.S. in 1951-1952 year leaving with my family to come to W. Australia in June 1952. I had a very happy year at Annadale inForm J1I think my teacher was a Mr Jones. I do not know if you have any other boys from my class or year that are in touch with you. If so I would appreciate getting in touch and maybe we can arrange a get-together on my next trip to Belfast.
Roy Phillips 1957 to 1962 Interested to hear from any former Annadale classmates or of any get- togethers. 19-15055 20th Avenue South Surrey BC Canada V4A 9Y2
Maurice Phillips I was at Annadale between 1952-1955 . Anyone in the class please contact me.
Kathy Herron (Sherrard) Attended Carolan GS from 1959 - 1966 when Dr Beth Cathcart was Principal - would love to hear from any of my old classmates, Eileen, Heather, Gladys, May, Eleanor - just anyone who remembers me. Have lived with my hubby in Perth, W. Australia since 1971. My brother David who attended Annadale and later Belfast College of Art lives just up the road. Any news would be most welcome. Regards to all...Kathy
Irene Beattie I attended Carolan between 1963 & 1968. Dr. Cathcart was our head mistress. Very scary. I would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me. Barbara, Dorothy & Jane. I remember being sent down to Annadale for school dinner because ours ran out. That was so exciting to us then. We had Miss Jackson for French, Miss Gallagher for Maths, Mrs Irwin - English. Mrs Ewart - P.E., The new school looks lovely. I must drive by and have a look. Irene
William Brown I would like to hear from anyone who attended Annadale, was in Allanbrooke House and sat his O-Levels in the summer of 1977. Am I the only one still alive?
Mitchell Johnson Just a thanks to all who knew me. Mitch
Garreth Montgomery Remembering the good old days of Alex 6th form, common rooms, Rugby, Basketball and Mr. Bingham’s French class. What was that all about? I’ve put on about 23 stone now, but still coaching kids at Malone Wondering if any old mates out there have kids at the school or wanting to go or even might want to catch up on old times.
Chris (Christy) Graham I attended Annadale between 1951 and 1954. I remember mostly,my latin teacher Mr. Evans,and my french teacher Mr. Redhead. These and others were terrorized by the only students whose names I remember, Roy Giddings and Paul Moffatt. Hope I got their names right. I'd love to hear from anyone who might remember me or them. I've been living in Canada since 1956
Colin Lowry (Lamb). Now living in Raleigh, North Carolina and the Assistant Principal of a Junior High School. Anyone out there remember me?
George Cox I started Annadale (Dill house) in 1974 and finished after O levels in 1979. Any ex pupils from this period please get in touch . (God it's only dawned on me looking at the site, is it really 30 years ago this year I started Annadale? Where's the time gone?)
Jim White I attended Annadale during its opening years, and was a member of Alanbrooke House. I emmigrated to the U.S. in 1958 to continue my education (B.A., Dickinson College; M.Div. and D.Min., Drew University) and have been retired from the Methodist ministry in the U.S. for eight years. I now live in New Bern, North Carolina. My last assignment was Executive Secretary for Europe, General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. I made a recent visit to Belfast (October 2005) and tried to find Annadale Grammar School. What good memories I have! Am I correct in remembering that Jackie Kyle (Rugby player for Ulster) taught there? Would be glad to hear from anyone who might remember that far back!! All the best to Wellington College.