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Welcome to my website. All my fan fiction is here (from as long ago as 1998!) but my current obsession is 'Stargate: Atlantis'. Though I perhaps ought to point out I haven't decided on my OTP in this fandom yet and keep oscillating wildly between Sheppard/Weir and McKay/Weir... but at least Elizabeth's having fun. ;-)

What's New?

In print!  Revelation 3 Zine - my contribution this year is "Interesting Times", an Atlantis story featuring Doctor Rodney McKay. Further info and a short extract from the story here!

14th August 2005 - Another collaboration with Sue Corkill added! "Ten Days in a Tel'tac" added to the Stargate SG1 page.

1st August 2005 - Two collaborations with Sue Corkill added! "Redux" to the Stargate SG1 page, and "What are Little Wraith Made Of?" to the Atlantis page.

15th June 2005 - "Secrets and Lies (Danny Lurks #19)" added to the Danny Lurks page.

31st May 2005 - "Atlantis Online 2 - the One with the Drabbles" added to the Atlantis page.

29th May 2005 - 'Seven Nights in the Land of the Blue Lotus' added to the Stargate SG-1 page.