gtk2-perl (Win32 Binaries)


gtk2-perl is the collective name for a set of perl bindings for Gtk+ 2.x and various related libraries. These modules make it easy to write Gtk and Gnome applications using a natural, perlish, object-oriented syntax.

This site exists to serve the needs of developers and end-users who wish to use gtk2perl on the Windows platform, and who have neither the where-with-all, or the will, to compile gtk2perl from sources. Please note that these binary packages are for the ActiveState distribution of perl only.

For information relating to 'all things' gtk2perl, please refer to the official gtk2perl page


new stable releases: Glib and Gtk2 1.020
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 by tripix
Ripped off the gtk2perl home page. (hope nobody minds)
Win32 versions of Gtk2Perl 1.020 released


You will need to download all the developer and runtime installation files
However, end users may be able to getaway with skipping the developer files (those containing -dev- or .lib. in their name), but I have not tested this.

Download Binary Packages


Installation Instructions

There are three main parts to this:
  1. Install the (non perl) pre-compiled GLib and GTK distributions and their associated dependancies (they're just a load of zips)
  2. Install the gtk2perl perl modules: Glib and GTK2 (they're just 2 installer exe's, which simply install 2 ActiveState PPM Modules, for now)
  3. Make some environment changes
1. Install the (non perl) pre-compiled GLib and GTK distributions
  1. create c:\usr
  2. Unzip all the files in the dependancies into c:\usr
2. Install the gtk2perl Glib and GTK2 perl modules
  1. run gtk2perl Glib installer executable
  2. run gtk2perl GTK2 installer executable
3. Environment changes
  1. set PATH=c:\usr\bin;c:\usr\lib;%PATH%
  2. you may have to download MSVCR70.DLL and put it in winnt\system32

I haven't installed into any directory other than c:\usr, it may work. Although I think one of the packages 'expects' to be in c:\usr by default, it (what ever 'it' was) may be confgurable, I haven't tried.

For easy-of-use I would recommend you alter the system PATH environment variable permenantly.

Note: ensure you perform an 'unzip here' type action into c:\usr, creating a directory structure under c:\usr that contains at least:


Running gtk-demo

You will need to download the gtk2perl source distrubution and unzip it, in order to obtain the gtk-demo perl scripts.

Once unpacked run [Gtk2 unzipped dir]/gtk-demo/

Note: ensure you have c:\usr\bin and c:\usr\lib in your path

Tip: You may wish to (re)associate the .pl extenstion with perl\bin\wperl.exe if you find that you can get-by without the cmd.exe window popping up.


  1. A different ActiveState perl build version to that which this release has been created (build 806) may have runtime and PPM syntax issues (There is certain binary incompatibility with Activestate perl builds less than 8xx)
  2. PNG is not working 100%, to see this, run the pixbuf gtk-demo more than once, it fails only the first time (for me), odd.
  3. 4 missing types, their (macro) names being: GTK_TYPE_PLUG, GTK_TYPE_SOCKET, GTK_TYPE_IM_STATUS_STYLE, GTK_TYPE_IM_PREEDIT_STYLE
Things to watch out for:
  1. Missing DLL entry points are typically (but not always) because you have more that one DLL of the same name but under the hood they are different versions. Locate and destroy duplicate dll. (although this may effect something else, e.g. The Gimp). (need to look at modifying search path)

Wayne Keenan, Fri Dec 12 16:55:05 2003