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Usagi is an ordinary girl, who's a bit of a klutz. One day, when she's walking to school, she rescues a black cat with a moon-shaped bald spot on it's forehead from a bunch of boys, she gets a little surprised by the fact that the cats tells her that she is a warrior for the moon, and gives her a magical brooch, that lets her transform into Sailor Moon. Along the way, she meets some friends, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus and lots more. So now, Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts have to fight for love and justice, and save the world form the forces of evil!



Usagi (Sailor Moon): Tsukino Usagi is the main character of Sailor Moon. She finds Luna, who shows her how to transform into Sailor Moon, in the first episode. She fights numerous enemies, with help with from the Sailor Scouts, and Tuxedo Kamen (Mamoru). Sailor Moon is also Princess Serenity, the princess of the Moon, and all of the Sailor scouts have sworn to protect her. As she is part of the royal family of the moon, she has the power to use the silver crystal. Sailor Moon is the leader of the Sailor Scouts.



Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen): Tuxedo Kamen dedicates all of his time to protecting Sailor Moon, because he is in love with her (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... I love UsagixMamoru!!!!).

Even though their relationship gets a bit rocky at times, they always work it out in the end. Tuxedo Kamen always shows up hen it seems like there is no hope left for the Sailor Scouts. Always. He stops the enemies by throwing razor sharp roses at them, then disappears.



Ami (Sailor Mercury): Mizuno Ami is the brainiest of all the sailor senshi, having an IQ of over 300. She's constantly at cram school, and was the first to join Sailor Moon in her adventures to save the world. Ami is a shy girl, who barely ever gets silly, or aggressive. Sailor Mercury uses the power of water against her enemies.



Rei (Sailor Mars): Hino Rei is my favourite of the Sailor senshi. She is a short tempered girl, who often gets into quarrels with Usagi. Rei is the Priestess of Cherry Hill Temple. Rei's Grandfather owns the Temple. Even though Rei and Usagi don't get along well most of the time, I think they are much stronger friends than the rest. Rei uses the power of fire against her enemies.



Makoto (Sailor Jupiter): Kino Makoto is a very tall, very strong girl, who is also good at cooking. She seems to get crushes on a lot of guys because they look like her "lost sempai" (old boyfriend). She's always the first to beat people up, and she was thrown out of he old school for fighting.  Makoto uses the power of lightning against her enemies. 



Minako (Sailor Venus): Aino Minako is the last to join the inner senshi. When they first meet her, she is fighting crime under the identity of Sailor V, along with the police force. Artemis, one of the cat advisers, lives with Minako. Usagi once said that Minako was more mature than all of them, because Minako let someone else have her crush, because she thought it would be better for them both. Minako is first in command of the Sailor Senshi, after Usagi of course.



Setsuna (Sailor Pluto): Mioh Setsuna is the older of the Sailor senshi. She is a seamstress, and one of her best friends is ChibiUsa. ChibiUsa calls Setsuna Puu. Sailor Pluto is the guardian of time and space. sailor Pluto lives in another dimension, where she guards the time gate. She holds the keys to the dimension of time.



Michiru (Sailor Neptune): Kaioh Michiru is a very good swimmer, and a talented violin player. She lives with her girlfriend, Haruka (Sailor Uranus). Michiru is very rich, and very girly. As Sailor Neptune, she is guardian of the sea. Sailor Neptune possesses the deep aqua mirror, the second sacred talisman, which makes up the holy grail. Michiru admires Usagi for her pure heart.



Haruka (Sailor Uranus): Haruka is believed by many to be a boy, as she rides fast sports cars, has short hair, and wears the boys school uniform. Haruka lives with her girlfriend (Sailor Neptune). Haruka likes Usagi, and calls her Moon face. She often take up the role of Mamoru when he isn't around, by saving Usagi. Sailor Uranus has the power of the sky, and possesses one of the three sacred talismans (which make up the holy grail) the space sword.



Hotaru (Sailor Saturn): Tomoe Hotaru is a very lonely girl, and is the youngest of the outer senshi. She is first in command of the outer senshi, but since she's not there most of the time, Sailor Uranus takes over. Sailor Saturn is the most powerful of the Sailor Scouts, she has the power to heal, see into the future and is the guardian of death and rebirth. 




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