Ok, so I now have a new email address. I changed it cos Hotmail is reeeeeeeeeeeeeally crap. Anyhoo, it's




I might not use it for a while it'll take some getting used to, but I'll try. Plus now I need to change all the links. So if I miss any, tell me!!!!!!!!



Updated the DBZ section and.......... I have a blog!!!  YAY!!! I started it ages ago... and then I kinda forgot about it... but now I came back to it. Plus I put a link to my fictions and my music videos. Enjoy=)



Back to school today...soooo sucky... anyways, I just checked the guestbook, and someone put a nasty link in their entry. Please don't! Some of the viewers may be quite young, or just don't want to see stuff like that. I sure don't. I mean... ew!!! Please be more careful about entries from now on.



Updated the CCS section and.... started the DBZ section!!!!! I've been meaning to for ages... Anyhow, that section isn't going to be all that special, I've kinda lost my enthusiasm for Dragon Ball Z. Ah well, I'll try. Ok, due to a couple of complaints XoX, the link colour has changed. When you hover your mouse over them, now they are RED instead of ORANGE. BE HAPPY!!!!! If I've missed any, don't hesitate to email me, and I'll see to it that it's changed.



I have updated ALL of the Galleries! Now all the settings stay the same when you look at a picture. Basically. And I've updated the Shaman King section, I basically finished it, only I need to do the episode guide. I need an episode guide for Card Captor Sakura too....... ah well. If anyone would like to contribute, I would welcome it!!!



Let there be Link Me buttons!!!!!!!!! I didn't make any of them, except for putting the Anime Rain text in them. Er... I forget which site made them, I got them with a load of layouts I have downloaded from various sites, so when I get round to using them I'll try to remember to add it to the Thank you list.



HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back from my week-long holiday to SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!! And what have I learned in Scotland??? Many people are nice, but some people are MEAN!!!!!!!!! MEAN because I am ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Ah, well I be back now and I've just started doing Teen Titans character profiles. Now however, I am bored. I'm going to go and read.




Updated the CCS and TT section. 



Updated the CCS section. OMG!!!!!!!!! I have an entry in the guestbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! 



YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I got somebody to host the guestbook!!!!!!!!! Thank you Guestbook Depot!!!!!!!!!!! Updated Teen Titans section. Updated Sailor Moon section. Plus I made a Thank you section! Go me!



Ok, um I'm trying to get the guestbook working, but when you try to view the posts it doesn't work, it just comes up with the 404 not found thingie. So I'll try to fix that. Updated the Sailor Moon section. I can download from Princessserenity.net again! YAY!!!! I'll be watching all of the Sailor Moon episodes from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!



I take too long to update. Seriously. O_O. Anyways, I got some fanlistings up 'cos I kinda forgot, but, um, whatever they're up now... go look.



The Teen Titans section is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Go take a look!





Hiya People! Welcome to Anime Rain! Just so you know, each section has a separate updates page, so if you want to know what's happening for each of those, then click on the links to the right and you'll see them.


 I know the site's been down for a while but it's back up now and ready for business! AND I know that the site is called anime rain, but the list of shows I include in the site now lists as follows:

Shaman King, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura,  Dragon Ball Z AND TEEN TITANS!!!!!!!

Strictly, Teen Titans isn't an anime, but i like it and this is my site so there XP!

The new layout is made by magitek designs and I love them. Because otherwise I would still be using that other crappy one I made myself **sweatdrop**    .

Just as a note, if anyone wants to send me any fanfics, fanart or anything like that, I'd be happy to accept! Just email me, and I'll stick it somewhere as soon as possible.

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