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Music Videos:


Title: Holding Out For A Hero

Song: Holding Out for a Hero by Jennifer Saunders Lyrics

Length: 3:58

Size: 23.1 mb

Description: This video isn't entirely Dragon Ball Z, so I've put it in all of the media sections except for Teen Titans, because there isn't any Teen Titans in there. I thought the song was a good choice because a lot of the people in the video need a hero, so I decided to make this video.


Soon to come:


Title: This One's For You

Song: Everyone by the Backstreet Boys Lyrics



Description: ***WARNING: This video contains spoilers!!!! So does the description!!!! If you haven't seen the Freeza saga yet, LOOK AWAY NOW!!!!*** 

This is my first Dragon Ball Z video (excluding Holding Out For A Hero)! I downloaded a lot of video clips from dragonballarena.com, so I decided to make this. It's about Goku fighting Freeza... kind of. It's more about how Goku needed the help of all of his friends............and Vegeta. And how when he becomes super saiyan, it's all because of how all of his friends............and Vegeta died and i was all Freeza's fault. So when he kills Freeza, it's all for his friends............and Vegeta; hence the title This One's For You.

Note: I haven't uploaded this one yet because I can't find a secent version of the song... it would be nice if someone could send it to me!!!


Title: Vegeta's Condemned

Song: 45 by Shinedown Lyrics



Description: ***WARNING: This video contains minor spoilers in the way of Vegeta, but not the series. Mainly the Majin Buu saga.***

I'm finally making a Vegeta video!!! Yay!!! I did try and make the lyrics fit the footage, but it might be a bit hard for you to understand. In the first verse, where the dude is singing about a priceless gift and stuff, I meant that the gift was Bulma. It kinda fits with the whole "one not subtle, one not on the list.". And in the second verse, where he's singing about unborn son, (the unborn son is Trunks, obviously) the box up on a shelf contains the power to turn into a super-saiyan, you see? And generally the whole thing is about how Vegeta's life is preeeeeetty miserable, and it would be enough to shoot themselves for most people (45 is a gun for those of you who didn't know) and how things have changed A LOT for him, like his planet exploding, father dying, Goku being better than him... and then- horror of horrors- he goes SOFT!!!!!!!!! But I like him that way anyhow^_^.




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