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Music Videos:


Title: Holding Out For A Hero

Song: Holding Out for a Hero by Jennifer Saunders Lyrics

Length: 3:58

Size: 23.1 mb

Description: This video isn't entirely Card Captor Sakura, so I've put it in all of the media sections except for Teen Titans, because there isn't any Teen Titans in there. I thought the song was a good choice because a lot of the people in the video need a hero, so I decided to make this video.


Title: Crawling

Song: Crawling by Linkin Park Lyrics

Length: 3:35

Size: 5.02mb

Description: OOOOOO!!!!!!!!! This was my very first music vid!!!!!!!! It's not that great, I was just putting clips together really, but whatever. Some of the video quality isn't that great, get over it. It's mainly the timing for this one. Hope you like!


Title: Butterfly

Song: Butterfly by Dance Dance Revolution Lyrics

Length: 2:58

Size: 18.2 mb

Description: My second video! It's not that great, I'm still kinda just sticking clips together for no real reason, but hey! It's still a video, right? **sweatdrop**. I used a lot of the clips from the last video in this one, so the video quality still isn't that good.


Title: Genie

Song: Genie in a bottle by Christina Aguilera Lyrics

Length: 3:41

Size: 22.4 mb

Description: Still not the greatest video, but better than the others I think. It's more of a Sakura Shaoran video, and I don't do that very often, so it's not that great. But still, it's a little something for all you SakuraxShaoran fans! 


Yet To Come:


Title: Faint

Song: Faint by Linkin Park Lyrics

Length: 2:44

Size: 18.5 mb

Description: After a long break, I have returned to Card Captor Sakura videos! This one's just a video to show that Sakura kicks but, no matter what situation she's in. I haven't uploaded it yet because I published it several times and now the timing's gone out of whack. So I'll try and fix that then put it on animemusicvideos.org


Title: Sailor Cardcaptor

Song: Me Against The World by Superchic[k] Lyrics

Length: 2:58

Size: 42.4 mb

Description: This has Sailor Moon in it too, hence the title Sailor Cardcaptor. It's about how they don't give up, no matter how bad the situation, no matter who tells them to stop, and they always win in the long run. I've finished the video, but some of the video quality isn't very good so I'm gonna change that, then upload it.


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