Sakura has accidentally opened a book in her basement called "The Clow". When she opens it, she unleashes the Clow Cards on Tokyo. Then, a yellow bear comes out of the book, and says he is called Kereberus, guardian of the Clow cards. Sakura calls him Kero-Chan. After that, Sakura is dubbed a Card Captor, and is given the mission to collect all of the Clow cards before they wreak too much havoc on the world. 

 Sakura's friend, Tomoyo, finds out, and gives Sakura about a million outfits to wear. She also films everything Sakura does that is to do with the Clow Cards after that. 




Sakura Kinomoto: Sakura is the main character in Card Captor Sakura, Sakura is a very cute and lovable main character. She always tries her best and never lets anyone down. She is the most kind and bubbly girl you could ever know, and very quick to react when she's fighting the Clow Cards. 


Kereberus: Kereberus or Kero-Chan, is the guardian of the Clow Cards. When the book was open he was, um, sleeping. Kero-Chan is VERY fond of sweet foods, and if he could, I think he would never stop eating. And playing video games. Anyways, Kero-Chan is the little pool of information in the show, cos he knows everything about the cards. 


Shaoran Li: Shaoran is a descendent of Clow Reed, the guy who made the cards in the first place. Shaoran thinks he should be the only Card Captor, so originally he's Sakura's rival. Then eventually they start working together, and Shaoran has a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle crush on Sakura (KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!). I have been amazed many times by how red Shaoran can go ^_^!!!!!!!


Tomoyo Daidouji: Tomoyo is Sakura's beloved friend (and cousin), and will not let Sakura fight a Clow Card without filming it. Tomoyo has no magical abilities of her own, and she's the only person without them who knows Sakura is a Card Captor. Tomoyo designs all of Sakura's battle costumes.








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