Paul Walker's Photo Gallery

Have a look at some of thes photos I have taken of my hometown, Nottingham. Photography has become a pasision of my mine since the advent of digital cameras. Any comments on any shots are very welcome, but be nice if you can, thanks.


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The Albert Ball memorial, Nottingham Castle.

Tree lined avenue, Nottingham Castle.

The East side frontage of Nottingham Castle.

The Bandstand of the South side of Nottingham Castle grounds.

The steps leading to Nottingham Castle, East side.

Bust of Lord Byron at the entrance of Nottingham Castle.

The outer walls of the Castle grounds, Castle Road.

Castle Road from the entrance to the grounds

The most famous person to come from Nottinghamshire, Robin Hood.

The sign of the oldest pub in England, The Trip to Jerusalem, Castle Road.

Protests against the war in Iraq, Old Market Square, 2003.


Another view of the protest.

Cheapside, right of the front entrance of The Council House.

The Council House, Old Market Square.

Long Row, on the left side of the front of The Council House.

The Bell Inn, centre, Angel Row.

The frontage of the old Flying Horse  public house, Cheapside.

Another view of the previous picture.

A Morris Dancer, 1st of May, 2004, Old Market Square.

The drum section of the Morris Dancers.

The next six shots are of the Rock Cemetery at the junction of Mansfield Road and Forest Road.

Nottinghams Attractions


The Tales of Robin Hood.

D H Lawerence birthplace museum, Eastwood.

The Cornerhouse, cinema and night spot.

The Caves of Nottingham.

Nottinghams Trams

Opened March the 9th, 2004.

One end of the Tram Line at Station Street, Nottingham.
Nottingham Express Transit, Station Street.

Click to see me on the Bridge.
Paul Walker, Station Street

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The Tram journey into Nottingham, March the 9th, 2004.

One of Nottinghams new trams on test, Waverly Street.

Ooopps, sometimes even the worlds greatest tram's have problems !