Character Profile:


Name:Kanamori Mariko
Birthplace:Gose, Izumi province
Background:Mariko is the daughter of Kanamori Kambei of Gose in Izumi Province. He was a renowned warrior who achieved the Clan's elevation in rank by faithful service to the Daimyo. She is the daughter of his second wife whom he married at the age of 55 following his first wife's death in an earthquake. Her mother died in childbirth.
 Kambei had 5 sons, Mariko's half brothers, by his first marriage. They all followed in their fathers footsteps and became warriors. Her father did not wish his little girl to follow so tried to channel her pursuits towards the arts and culture. However blood runs true. She learned much from her brothers but mostly studied the books of the Buddhist priests of her village.
 Her father and 2 of her brothers were killed in battle when she was 10 years old. The eldest surviving son, Kachuchiro, inherited the clan leadership. He has encouraged her studies, recognising that her intellectual abilities could benefit the family as well as help to net a good, high ranking (they don't come much higher than Daimyo), husband. Kachuchiro is 25 years older than his half sister and seeks her happiness as well as the family's elevation. Mariko is devoted to her brothers as well as her nephews and nieces, many of whom are older, or at least the same age, as her.
 In the late summer of the year of the Tiger she married Ito Naruhiro, Daimyo of the island province of Awaji. He is young and of a scholarly inclination so is intellectually well-matched to his wife. Not being of a martial disposition he gains some satisfaction from his wife's exploits on the field of battle. Not to mention increased esteem for his army from their legendary commander-in-chief. Their first child is expected at the end of spring in the year of the Hare.
 Her goals are to:
  1. Master the Arts of Battle and become a famous war leader (She is already well on the way to this).
  2. Further the interests of the clan by improving their political connections (Again she is making progress in this direction in both Imabari province and with Lord Chozo).
  3. Find a good Husband (Done - Ito Naruhiro - Daimyo of Awagi Island. See also 2. above).
  4. Found a Dynasty which will go on to great things (Made start already).
  5. Have her name become legendary in Nippon (Well maybe not legend but it never fails to get a really big laugh). She is probably fairly famous locally already after two glorious victories in battle.
 She is generally witty and somewhat sarcastic. However she is more than capable of tact and diplomacy (especially with all the extra cramming in Rhetoric) which should bode well for her long term political ambitions and help cement the grand alliance of the forty eight nations (or at least the southern provinces).
Special Items:Sword of Hachiman
 Katana (Good) - Make Kanji roll to read Haiku. Recite while in combat (Poetry Roll) (which changes the poem requiring new rolls) Allows wielder to cast Pure Body, Pure Mind and Pure Blood. LoS = Effect Number/3. Also grants +3 BAP and +1 AC. Effects last till the end of a combat.
 Unfortunately she is not strong enough to hit people with a Katana.

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