Bushido is a Role Playing Game set in medieval Japan.

This page links to details of my work on large-scale campaigns for the much-loved game of Bushido, now out of print again.

The Stone
Set in Matsuyama, Japan, from 1638, these campaigns follow the careers of six adventurers in the employ of Lord Chozo.
Series 11998The first campaign. Four novice adventurers get jobs solving problems for a local lord.
Series 21999-2000The four troubleshooters help Lord Chozo achieve his ambition.
Series 32001-2002One troubleshooter leaves and two join as they help Lord Chozo consolidate his position.
Christmas Special2002For the amusement of the players.
Guest Episode2003A scenario with a guest director and a new character.
Prelude2004Prelude to Series 4.
Series 42004-2008The five troubleshooters try to defend Lord Chozo from the attentions of the Shogun, and end their stories in different ways.

The Wood
Set in Ezo (Hokkaido), Japan, from 1455, these campaigns follow the careers of five young Wajin and an Ainu in a clash of cultures in the cold northern frontier lands.
Series 12005-6Five novice warriors are sent out to subjugate the indigenous Ainu, but are confronted by their consciences.
Series 22007-11The five former Wajin and their Ainu companion try to resist the Wajin expansion, but are driven to move on time and again.

The Sword
Following on from The Wood, this campaign takes us forward to 1482 and follows the fortunes of six of the children of The Wood's heroes as they set out on a new adventure.
Series 12011-Six Ainu-Wajin children set off for adventure with their parents, but events cause them to grow up much faster than expected.

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