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Updated 17 February 2015

*************** ANNOUNCING AUDIO590 ***************


Audio590 is a new Windows program that lets you set up and manage audio profiles for use with a TS-590SG or TS-590S transceiver. You can read existing audio settings from the radio, display them on the control panel, change them and then write them back to the radio. You can also save the settings on disk, and retrieve them later when you need them.

Audio590 helps you configure any kind of audio source for transmission. For example, you can define a different profile for every mic you have, or different profiles for people sharing the same mic in a multi-operator contest, or a complete set of individual profiles for all your digital applications.

Above all, Audio590 saves you the hassle of making copious notes on audio TX/RX level settings, VOX settings, audio processor settings, TX and RX equalizer settings and so forth, for every different kind of audio you use. All of these settings are saved in Audio590, and when you want to try a different mic, or switch to a different digital program, you can instantly retrieve the correct settings.

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*** 29 January 2015 ... TS-590SG Firmware v1.01 and ARCP-590G v1.01 released

*** 29 January 2015 ... TS-590S Firmware v2.00, ARCP-590 v2.00 and ARHP-590 v2.00 released

*** 17 February 2015 ... Audio590 v1.00 released

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