Tenth Generation

Family of Cremer WOODROW (42) & Mary ELLIS

44. Cremer Cremer WOODROW, M. Born on 11 Jun 1768. Buried in 29.4.1808 in Cringleford.

Took name and arms of the Cremer family in 1786 when he was 40.

Cremer Cremer married Anne BUCKLE, F, daughter of Thrower BUCKLE, M. Born in 1772 in Cringleford. Buried in 21.12.1860 in Cringleford.

They had the following children:
46 i. Cremer, M (1795-)
ii. John Buckle, M. Born on 2 Oct 1797. Buried on 11 Dec 1846.

Died unmarried.

iii. Anne Lucy, F. Born on 5 Dec 1798. Anne Lucy died in 25.9.1818, she was 19.

45. Francis Cremer WOODROW, M. Born in 27.4.1777.

Francis Cremer married Lucretia KEMP, F, daughter of Thomas Benjamin KEMP, M.

They had one child:
47 i. Caroline Roxellana, F

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