WILLIAM PRIMROSE                                                   HARRIOT PRIMROSE



My great,great,great,great grandfather William Primrose was born on the 

19th  April 1796. He was the son of William Primrose and Ann Primrose nee Mason.

William lived with his parents and two sisters Ann and Hannah in the village of Trunch.


On the 14th of May 1819 he married Harriot Cremer at Gimingham which is the village next to Trunch.  Harriot was the daughter of John Cremer and Harriot Smyth both of the village of Gimingham.  Harriot Cremer was born on the 3rd April 1798.


They decided to settle in Trunch and William took over the running of Trunch Brewery

that his father had started in 1803. The Brewery underwent major work in 1837, what work I'm not entirely sure but around this time numerous public houses were brought

and the brewery became much larger.


William was by now the owner of 660 acres of land and the biggest employer in Trunch.

He employed 42 workers to help him maintain his ever growing business.

William and Harriot's family was also a very large affair with them having

4 daughters and 10 sons. And  out of these children only three died either at birth or 

as infants. In 1851 they moved in to the property known as "The Rookery" at

Trunch. On the 10th November 1866 Harriot Primrose died aged 68,  she had been

suffering for 5 days with Pneumonia Bronchitis.


In 1871 William Primrose was now living at Mundesley Road Trunch and at the age of 74

is still listed as a Farmer of 450 acres employing 16 men and 6 boys.  In his later years William started to suffer from senile decay and he died in bed at the " White House" in Trunch.  With him was his lifetime friend John Fuller Wegg.


He died on the 6th June 1882. He was buried in Trunch churchyard on the 12th of June 1882 with his wife in the same tomb along with his parents William and Ann.

He left a will dated 30th December 1882.











                                   HENRY PRIMROSE                                                ELEANOR PRIMROSE


My Great, great, great grandfather Henry Primrose was born in the village of Trunch

on the 17th April 1825 and was baptized at Saint Bolotoph's Trunch on the 8th May

1825. His parents were William Primrose and Harriot Primrose nee Cremer.


He grew up in Trunch and became a farmer and farmed his own 298 acre farm at  

Gimingham where he employed 13 workers. He married Eleanor Roper of Colby in Norfolk

on the 8th February 1850 at the age of 25 years. Eleanor was born 30th May 1825

at Colby and they settled as newlyweds in Gimingham where over the next 15 years they

had 6 daughters and 5 sons.


In 1882 Henry Primrose's father William died and in his will he left Henry 150 acres of land, within this included two cottages with gardens, Sayers Yard, Thome Yard, Southrepps lane, The sawing pits, Drift Way and Bucks Lane 10 acres.


Eleanor died on the 11th November 1877 and is buried at Trunch Church.  Her husband

Henry didn't follow until the 5th October 1885 when he died at the age of 60 years old. 

He was buried 4 days later and placed in the grave next to his wife Eleanor.







                            WILLIAM PRIMROSE AS                                        WILLIAM PRIMROSE IN

                                   A YOUNG MAN                                                         HIS SENIOR YEARS


My Great, great grandfather William Primrose was a son of Henry Primrose and his wife 

Eleanor Primrose nee Roper. He was born at Gimingham on the 20th December 1853.

He married at the age of 22  in the August of 1875 to the 18 year old daughter of Horatio

and Martha Elizabeth Candler of Cringleford, Norwich. Her name was Florence Emily Candler and she was born in 1857. They married at St Martins Le Grand in London. After the marriage they decided to settle down and start a family in Cringleford the home of Florence Emily's parents. They had 10 daughters and 4 sons all born at Norwich. One of these sons Guy Rosebery Primrose was my Great Grandfather and to find out about him click here. 

Guy Rosebery Primrose.


For reasons not yet substantiated, William and Florence named all their sons with the middle name "Rosebery" they include Guy Rosebery, William Allan Rosebery, Philip Smyth Rosebery and Hugh Rosebery. There are two possibilities one is that the Primrose line was related 

to the Earls of Rosebery (see Introduction click Homepage ) and the second is that

the then present Earl of Rosebery -  Archibald Philip Primrose entered parliament in 1884

and rose to become Prime minister in 1894. Guy Rosebery Primrose and his brothers 

were all born between 1880 and 1889. So could The Earl of Rosebery have been Godfather 

to these children, an interesting idea and one that seems almost impossible to

collaborate. William died on the 2nd November 1925 in the same year as his wife

 Florence Emily. He is buried at Norwich Cemetery






                                                           BEATRICE AND ELEANOR PRIMROSE


Beatrice and Eleanor Primrose were the first two daughters of William Primrose and

Florence Emily Primrose nee Candler.


Beatrice Violet Primrose was born at Cringleford, Norwich on the 30th June 1876, 

and Eleanor Primrose was born on the 22nd March 1878 also at Norwich.


Beatrice Violet remained single and she died on the 16th Feb 1969 and 

requested that she was cremated and her ashes were scattered.


Eleanor Primrose married Frederick William Goffin of Norwich in March 1905 and she died without leaving any children on the 5th December 1953 and is buried at Ipswich.







                                          ASSISTANT PAYMASTER HUGH ROSEBERY PRIMROSE

Hugh Rosebery Primrose was the son of William Primrose and Florence Emily Primrose

nee Candler. He was born on the 13th may 1889 at Norwich. 


After he left school he joined the Royal Navy and rose to the non-combatant rank of Assistant Paymaster.


He was given duty on H.M.S Natal and while moored within the Cromarty Firth in

Scotland  on the 30th December 1915 the  ship suffered an internal engine explosion which sank the ship killing numerous sailors including Hugh Rosebery Primrose.


His memorial is at Chatham overlooking the town and is approached by a steep path

from the town hall gardens


Michael and Wendy Bird 2001

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