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William Bradshaw Amos  F.R.S.
Year of Birth     1945
Marital Status Married, 2 children.
Work Address   MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology , Hills Rd., Cambridge CB2 2QH    Phone  01223 411640   Fax      01223 213556
e-mail ba@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Degrees: B.A. IInd Class. Oxford: Honours School of Natural Sciences (Zoology) (1966).   Ph.D. Cambridge (1970) Thesis title: Aspects of Contraction in the Peritrich Stalk.
Appointments 1966-7 Research Assistant.1967-70 Research Student (King's College,Cambridge).1970-74 Research Fellow (King's College, Cambridge).1973-78 University Demonstrator (Department of Zoology, Cambridge).1978-81  Senior Research Associate and holder of Balfour  Studentship (Department of Zoology, Cambridge). 1981-present Senior Research Staff Member, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge.
Commercial consultancies
1987- 2004 Consultant to Biorad Microsciences Ltd on Confocal Optical Microscopy. Chief designer, including 'Radiance' design.
2003- designer of the 'SiraMed' optical diffractometer, licensed by the MRC to SIRA Ltd (UK) and launched commercially in 2003.
2005-  Consultant to Nikon Corporation, Japan
Research Fellowship, King's College, Cambridge 1970-74
Queen's Award for Technological Achievement (1991)
 (jointly to the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology  and BioRad)
ROPA Award of the Medical Research Council to facilitate
 research in non-linear optics in biomedical microscopy. (1994)
Mullard Award and Medal of the Royal Society, 1994 (jointly with J.G.White, J.M.Fordham & R. Durbin)
Rank Prize for Optoelectronics 1995 (jointly with J.G.White, M.Minsky and G.J.Brakenhoff, for the development and practical implementation of confocal microscopy
Progress Medal of the Royal Photographic Society (2002) and Honorary Fellowship of the RPS (with J.G.White) for confocal development.
Ernst Abbe Award for Lifetime Achievement of the New York Microscopical Society 2005
Fellow of the Royal Society    2007

 Textbook       Amos,L.A. & Amos,W.B. (1991) Molecules of the Cytoskeleton.         
              Macmillan Molecular Biology Series (Ed. C.J. Skidmore)  Macmillan Education Ltd   (London)