Writing System  Topics

(spelling facts page

Vivian Cook

Spelling Tests) 







Writing systems in different languages
- some examples of scripts
     - figures for script users

Direction of writing

Signs and writing
    - odd public signs
Differences between spoken and written language 
Street spelling mistakes

Children's spelling

    - prewriting

Linguistics and writing

Spelling reform (ita, Shavian alphabet etc)

   - freespeling link (external link)

   - Twain speech
   - Shaw Preface
Useful Quotations on Writing

Some Definitions of terms
Novelists' spelling of dialect

  - eye dialect


  - shapes used as letters 
 - animated development  (external link)
- alphabets of Europe (external link)
Spelling data index page

    - the language of the street


Punctuation and graphic devices;
typefaces and conventions

  - the Greengrocer's Apostrophe
missing apostrophes
  - odd apostrophes
  - hyphens
  - hyphens as links
  - its and it's
  - omitting word spaces
  - general test of punctuation

  - frequency of English punctuation marks

   - the Colon:
  - punctuation of street signs


Mediated Communi-cation

  - summary
  - e-mails
  - text messages
  - chatrooms


  - fish and chip shops
  - car number plates
  - pop groups
  - dogs' names
  - horses' names
  - Olde Tyme Spelling
  - house names
  - K spellings
   - shop signs
   - punctuation in names
  - numbers as words
   - businesses etc

L1 users

English spelling mistakes on the web
Native speaker mistakes

Olde Tyme Spelling
Spelling mistakes by famous writers


Changes in the letters of English
Samples of English 940-1749

Common patterns of English

Letter frequencies for English

Past tense rules in written and spoken English

Letter to sound correspondences

Consonant doubling

Vowel correspondence rules

Silent Letters

Rules for English Surnames

Unusual English Surnames

I before E
Structure Word Spelling Rules
Linguists' accounts of English spelling:
    - Albrow
    - Chomsky
British and American styles of spelling

Alternative sound spelling alphabets

The and Ye: historical examples

'St' as an abbreviation
Letters introduced into the spelling of English words historically



L2 users 

Summaries of L2 articles
1400 L2 mistakes corpus
Spelling mistakes by:
   - Greek users      
   - Chinese users    
   - Spanish users
   - Japanese users; Engrish.com
(external link)
   - Bengali children
   - Koreans
L2 experiments
L2 learners acquiring spelling

Bilingual Public Signs


Spelling rhymes 1
Spelling rhymes 2
Spelling spoofs
Spelling 'jokes'
Cockney alphabet

Speech Reform

On-line articles etc on spelling by Vivian Cook

Past tense spelling: implications for lexical spelling and dual process models 
Nu Spelin' 4 Old

Getting in a Strop about Spelling

Helping children with spelling

Is spelling really hard?

Hard Spell

The Liter Cide to Spelling

Can they Spell Your Name in Karachi?
American and British Spelling

Spelling Tests 

Various tests on different aspects of English spelling are available on-line.



Note: you may need SILDoulos for some of the IPA symbols to work on these pages. It can be downloaded from the Summer Institute of Linguistics.