Drafts mostly related to It's All in a Word (2009, Profile): US edition All in a Word (2010)

Word Tests

Texts on Words

Misc  information

Understanding  Shakespeare

Words and thinking

Arbitrariness of meaning



Vocabulary size: basic words  What is a word?

Unique written words
Pig Latin

Vocabulary size: advanced words Where do words come from?  Oldfashioned Shop Types
Quotes on words
British dialects What does a word mean? Metaphors
American or English words What are dictionaries for? Babytalk words
Guessing in context EasyTalk; are long words better? British words for alleyways; chares
Vocabulary learning strategies

Powerful plurals - pronouns and status

Saying No

Tip of the tongue 

  English names for foreign parts
Can you talk black?   Placenames
How old is your language?



Meaning and Words

New Words

Word Games: Guessing
Word Games: Sequences

Word Games: Letter arrangement
(Slovakian translation)

Sound symbolism

Chaucer's new words General Semantics

Letters with meaning

Science Fiction Words Dr Johnson's Definitions
Word associations

Proper names that become words

Basic English
Measuring meaning

Forming new words


Levels of meaning English words in Japanese

Children's Words

Simplified vocabularies - Political correctness and thought contro Relative Words
L2 Vocabulary Learning Strategies

Children's early words

Shakespeare's new words L2 Vocabulary 
Words and the National Curriculum Indian words in English 
French words in English
BlairSpeak: Does Tony Blair speak differently?
Children's two word stage Forms and types of words Official Words of Praise
How do children learn words? 

Content versus structure words Structure words list
Infixes inside words
Plural: mice and mouses
Collocations in English
Reduplicative Words
Gassers and Slashers: Doctor's Slang
Nicknames Rule

YouTube Clips
Wine words
Words matter (videoed lecture)

"Thus we talk of free enterprise, of capitalist societies, as though all of these words stand for the same things they formerly did. Social institutions are what they do, not necessarily what we say they do. It is the verb that matters not the noun." Aneurin Bevan, In place of fear