Spelling Test 3 
What's wrong with your spelling

This tests some of the general aspects of English spelling. Choose the right spelling for each word. Then click Right Answers.

  A B C
1 questionnaire questionaire


2 definate defenate


3 Where is it? Were is it?

Wear is it?

4 highly responcible highly responsible


5 very useful very usefull

very usefule

6 a complementary drink a complimentary drink

a complementory drink

7 He critisised the plan He critisissed the plan

He criticised the plan

8 an independent report an indipendant report

an independant report

9 She refered to Bush She referred to Bush

She reffered to Bush

10 open-ended catagories open-ended catigories

open-ended categories

11 quiet right quite right

quiete right

12 good sense good sence

good cense

13 He achieved greatness He acheived greatness

He acheeved greatness

14 seperate rooms seperete rooms

separate rooms

15 liberal tendancy liberal tendensy

liberal tendency

16 medicine medicin


17 beginer's luck
beginner's luck

begginer's luck

18 sensative sensetive


19 They beleived the news They believed 
the news

They beleeved the news

20 the bear necessities the beer necessities

the bare necessities

21 the percieved  cost the perceeved cost

the perceived cost

22 the principal of gravity the principle of gravity

the prinsipal of gravity

23 not neccessarily so not necesarily

not necessarily 

24 indispensable indespensable


25 It's their 
It's there problem

It's they're problem

26 an immence cliff an immense cliff

an imence cliff

27 to conceive to concieve

to conceve

28 cause and affect cause and affekt

cause and effect

29 He recieved a postcard He received a postcard

He receeved a postcard

30 elicit gains illicit gains

ellicit gains

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