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 Vivian Cook

Many pubs, businesses and public events seek to portray an old time atmosphere through their spelling

Ye for The fake olde shoppe



Ye for the fake Olde Marquis

Ye for the fake Streete

Ye Olde London Cab Hire Service
Ye Olde Tuck Shoppe
Olde Thyme Fayre
Ye Olde Directory Shoppe
Ye Olde Green Dragon
Wild River Pub and Publick House
Ye Olde Tea Shoppe
Olde Thyme Aviation
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem
Olde    Thyme Handiwork
Ye Olde Slide and Popcorn   Night
The University Towne House
lde Musick and Cokery  Books

Olde Thyme Photographs of the Ladies of the House 
of Negotiable Affections
Ye Ole Karaoke Web
Olde Worlde Santas
Freshers' Fayre?
Ye Olde Tyme Radio 
Trading Post
Goose Fayre
Ye Olde Den of Iniquity
Ye Olde Tea Shoppe
Olde Thyme Aviation
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem
Ye Olde Soap Shoppe
The Publick Theatre
Ye Olde Soap Shoppe
The Publick Musick
Southampton Publick House

Ye Aulde Rag
Never Enough Thyme Shoppe
Ye Old Wive's Tales
Ye Olde Admiral Rodney
Psychic Fayre
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn
Ye Olde Chimney Sweeps
Thee Newe Worlde Inne
Ye Olden days
(Mickey Mouse    film)
Ye Essex Baebes (pop group)
Vintage Wool Applique
Ye Olde George Inn
Ye Olde Crosse (The Dirty Bottle

Middle English around 1400 AD used a letter to show the 'th' sounds that looked like , so that the word 'the' was written as though pronounced more or less like modern 'the'. This letter became confused with the letter 'y' and led to many modern examples of 'ye' for 'the' in spelling that is supposed to look quaint. Other ways of pretending to be ancient are the addition of unnecessary 'e' at the end of words, 'olde', 'shoppe', again a holdover from Middle English where the 'e' was pronounced, and the use of 'gothic' fonts as in the web-page heading above. The examples are names of pubs, shops and organisations in UK, Australia, Canada and the USA clearly fake English spelling affects all parts of the English-speaking world . Some names go with genuinely old pubs Ye Olde Admiral Rodney, others are modern 'jokes' Ye Ole Karaoke Web.

Authentic 18th Century 'Ye's

Ye for the Tombstone

Ye for the Tombstone

For further examples 1450- 1700 go here.

Ye for the olde Cleaning fake

shoppe fake spelling

olde fake spelling worlde