Using existing data and tools for applied linguistics research

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This is a collection of links to places where SLA research tools and data seem to be on-line. This does not mean that their authentic versions should not be looked for in the authors' own writings.

1. Bibliographies
vocabulary: VARGA
research techniques

2. Existing data 
bilingual corpora: CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System
spelling mistake corpus:
phonology data: Speech accent archive at George Mason University

L2 learner corpora

3. Existing tools
1 phonology:
as above
Summer Institute of Linguistics
2 vocabulary 
: Paul Nation
Word associations:
MRC Psycholinguistics DataBase:
Multiple word tests/lists etc: The Compleat Lexical Tutor
Picture naming norms:
3 syntax
: Oxford Placement Test.
on-line grammaticality judgements:
4 motivation
language history questionnaire: Cog Sci Lab L2 history.
free' on-line questionnaires of your own
6 strategies SILL: adapted
7 profiling: LARSP:    
8 experiment generators: