Core Issues in SLA

Introductory Reading List

In general the course will rely on the following.

Main source: Cook, V.J. (2008), Second Language Learning and Language Teaching, Arnold. 4th edition. (SLL&LT). NB this can be bought more cheaply second-hand via Amazon etc but be careful you get the 4th edition. There is a cheap Chinese edition but it is based I think on the 3rd edition not the current one so may differ sometimes. Much of it is on-line at SLL and LT.

Cook, V.J. & Singleton, D. (2014), Key Topics in Second Language Acquisition, Multilingual Matters (KTiSLA). Covers some of the same issues in a slightly different way

Cook, V.J. (ed.) (2003), Effects of the Second Language on the First. Multilingual Matters

Cook, V.J. (1999), ‘Going beyond the native speaker in language teaching’, TESOL Quarterly, 33, 2, 185-209 (TESOLQ) Web version

Cook, V.J. (2001), 'Using the first language in the classroom', Canadian Modern Language Review, 57, 3, 402-423 (CMLR) Web version

Cook, V.J. (2007), ‘The goals of ELT: reproducing native speakers or promoting multi-competence among second language users?’,  in C. Davison and J. Cummins (eds), Kluwer Handbook on English Language Teaching Volume 2

Cook, V.J. (2010), ‘Questioning traditional assumptions of language teaching’, Nouveaux cahiers de linguistique française, 29 Web version

Other recommended books:

De Bot, K., Lowie, W. & Verspoor, M. (2005), scond language acquisition: an Advanced Resource Book, Routledge

Jarvis, S. & Pavlenko, A. (eds.) (2008), Crosslinguistic Influence in Language and Cognition, Abingdon: Routledge

Lightbown, P. & Spada, N. (2006), How Languages are Learned, 3rd edition, OUP

Myles, F. & Mitchell, R. (2003), Second Language Learning Theories, 2nd edition, London, Arnold

Ortega, L. (2009), Understanding Second Language Acquisition, Hodder Education

Rich, K. (2010), Dreaming in Hindi: Life in Translation, Portobello Books

Scott, V.M. (2009), Double Talk: Deconstructing Monolingualism in Classroom Second Language Learning, Prentice Hall

VanPatten, W. & Williams, J. (2006), Theories in Second Language Acquisition, Lawrence Erlbaum

Willis, J. & Willis, D. (eds.) (1996), Challenge and Change in Language Teaching, Macmillan ELT

Useful books on bilingualism:

Baker, C. (1993), Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Multilingual Matters

Bialystok, E. (2001), Bilingualism in Development, Cambridge University Press

Grosjean, F. (1982), Life with Two Languages, Harvard U.P.

Grosjean, F. (2008), Studying bilinguals. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Grosjean, F. (2010), Bilingual: Life and Reality, Harvard U.P.

Harding, E. & Riley, P. (1986), The Bilingual Family, Cambridge University Press

Li Wei (ed.) (2000), The Bilingualism Reader, London: Routledge

Romaine, S. (1989), Bilingualism, Blackwell


NOTE: Don't ask for other references until you have tried looking for them yourself on SLABIB, – a circa 7000-entry bibliography on SLA.