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"A man who knows two languages is worth two men". French proverb  

Core Issues in Second Language Acquisition

ECLS, Newcastle, Autumn 2014


This course covers the major issues in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) from a linguistics perspective in breadth rather than depth. 


To produce graduates who:

- have a good knowledge of the main models and key research findings in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) research

- can use this knowledge to critically assess professional practice in language teaching


Mondays 10-12 starting 29th September and small group one hour seminars to be confirmed). The talks will take place in XXX.

Vivian Cook, 1.10 KGVI, not in Newcastle all the time except for teaching weeks but always e-mailable at
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Information about the course is on Blackboard, and also on this web page, which leads to other SLA resources. The book SLL&LT also has a website:

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