Core Issues Assessment  

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A 3500-word essay on one of the following three topics, submitted by the beginning of term 2, i.e. Monday 14th January 2013. Word length is +/- 10% and does not include references.

I.     Describe and justify or criticise a particular method of teaching grammar OR pronunciation OR vocabulary in the light of the ideas of second language acquisition covered in the course. You will need to show how theory and practice are connected in the classroom/ coursebook.

II. Why should we teach languages? Outline different possible goals for individuals and/or societies; include a justification of current goals for your particular educational situation.

III. Present a case study of a second language user, applying the ideas from the course to a particular individual. These may include learners of any L2; you may be interested in studying a young Newcastle child or bilingual family, say your own, and comparing them with monolingual Newcastle children, but this will need setting up very early and obviously needs permission from the child/children’s parents.

In addition you can propose a topic of your own within the scope of the course. This would have to be approved by Clare Wright in advance. We would be particularly interested in proposals concerned with more academic SLA issues such as age, availability of Universal Grammar, stages of development, differences betweem different types of language measures (oral vs. written).

Assignments will be marked by an experienced team and in principle get returned with feedback in about four weeks.

Submission date: via Turnitin on BlackBoard Monday 14th January 2013, 1 pm.

School rules for late submission and plagiarism should be consulted on ECLS websites and handouts.