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Welcome to our new and updated site. On Manorama we deal frankly and fairly with men's issues from around the globe.
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Welcome to MANORAMA

This site was launched because, for many years past, men have been denied a voice. We often hear the platitude: "It's a man's world" trotted out by a variety of media chatterers, but the truth is that America and the Western World has been designed around women and girls for decades.

MANORAMA appeared to introduce some sort of balance and to tell it from the man's point of view. We therefore invite you to look around the site to find the truth about what is happening in our world, and not what the media tell us is happening.

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Massive discrimination against men by Welsh Assembly, UK.
Read horrifying facts on domestic abuse page.

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As we all know - particularly in the recent UK parliamentary elections - politicians SAY one thing before the election and then DO other things after the election.

A case in point is that David Cameron said he would extend anonymity to defendants in rape cases unless they were found guilty. Now he's in government he has ratted on this promise and innocent men are still named whilst a woman who lies about being raped is not.

This means that equality for men is not yet in place. The elevation of the women's position over the last three or four decades means that the status of men in society has diminished. Men need TO TAKE ACTION in this matter. . . (read more)

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In 2010, for the first time in the history of crime in the UK, violence became the first crime of women. Previously it had been theft. This came as no surprise to ManKind Initiative, the leading men's rights group in the UK which runs a helpline for men who are victims of domestic abuse. The ManKind office staff are kept busy every day and during the evening answering calls from men and their mothers, sisters, fathers etc. Thankfully, more and more men are no longer feeling ashamed to say that they were abused by a woman and are standing up to complain.

For the full facts about female violence in the home and to read some of the horrific stories told by male victims please click here to visit the ManKind website.

If you wish to read the latest report from Humberside police in the UK on the 16% increase in male victims of domestic abuse during 2010-2011 and the expected increase on that in 2012, click on "Press Releases" on the Home Page then at the top of that page click on "October 2011: Increase in male victims on Humberside".