Sylvère takes over where Romain left off

The decisive stage was Luchon - Pau, the "Circle of Death". Maes won, with Magne losing nearly fourteen minutes and Vervaecke all but twenty.

Political uphevals in Europe saw no Italians in the race, but instead four-man teams from Jugoslavia, Romania, Austria, Holland and Switzerland lined up against the ten men teams of Belgium, Germany, Spain/Luxembourg and France. Thirty Touristes-Routiers completed the line up, including Abd-el-Kader Abbès, who had the honour of being the Tour's first African rider. Ten Italians, the so-called "Italians of France", including such luminaries as Rafaële Di Paco and Jules Rossi, received numbers but were prevented from starting. The French rider Maurice Archambaud, the future Hour Record holder, took the lead early on, but Sylvère Maes was lurking and took over the lead after Archambaud lost nearly fifteen minutes at Briançon. Thereafter, Maes easily defended his lead from Antonin Magne, helped by a strong Belgian team which propelled him to victory in four of the five Team Time Trials. (After the previous year's experiments, there was no individual time trial). The decisive stage was Luchon - Pau, the "Circle of Death". Maes won by over eight minutes, with Magne losing nearly fourteen and Félicien Vervaecke all but twenty. Coupled with a five minute penalty to Magne for being given provisions by Victor Fontan, and ten minutes to Vervaecke for riding a bike with gears on the Aubisque, and the race was as good as won. Sylvère had taken over where Romain had left off the previous year.

Stage winners

 StageWinnerOverall Leader
Stage 1Paris - Lille, 258kmPaul EgliPaul Egli
Stage 2Lille - Charleville, 192kmRobert WierinckxMaurice Archambaud
Stage 3Charleville - Metz, 161kmMatt ClemensArsène Mersch
Stage 4Metz - Belfort, 220kmMaurice ArchambaudArchambaud
Stage 5Belfort - Evian, 298kmRené Le GrèvesArchambaud
Stage 6Evian - Aix-les-Bains, 212kmEloi MeulenbergArchambaud
Stage 7Aix-les-Bains - Grenoble, 230kmThéo MiddelkampArchambaud
Stage 8Grenoble - Briançon, 194kmJean-Marie GoasmatSylvère Maes
Stage 9Briançon - Digne, 220kmLéon LevelMaes
Stage 10Digne - Nice, 156kmPaul MayeMaes
Stage 11Nice - Cannes, 126kmFederico EzquerraMaes
Stage 12Cannes - Marseille, 195kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 13 AMarseille - Nîmes, 112kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 13 BNîmes - Montpellier, 52km TTTSylvère Maes *Maes
Stage 14 AMontpellier - Narbonne, 103kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 14 BNarbonne - Perpignan, 63km TTTSylvère Maes **Maes
Stage 15Perpignan - Luchon, 325kmSauveur DucazeauxMaes
Stage 16Luchon - Pau, 194kmSylvère MaesMaes
Stage 17Pau - Bordeaux, 229kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 18 ABordeaux - Saintes, 117kmMeulenbergMaes
Stage 18 BSaintes - La Rochelle, 75km TTTSylvère Maes ***Maes
Stage 19 ALa Rochelle - La Roche-sûr-Yon, 81kmMarcel KintMaes
Stage 19 BLa Roche-sûr-Yon - Cholet, 65km TTTFélicien Vervaecke ****Maes
Stage 19 CCholet - Angers, 67kmMayeMaes
Stage 20 AAngers - Vire, 204kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 20 BVire - Caen, 55km TTTAntonin Magne *****Maes
Stage 21Caen - Paris, 234kmArsène MerschMaes

* Sylvère Maes, Félicien Vervaecke, Albert Hendrickx, Marcel Kint, François Neuville, Cyriel Van Overberghe
** Maes, Vervaecke, Neuville, Kint
*** Maes, Vervaecke, Kint, Hendrickx
**** Vervaecke, Kint, Maes, Eloi Meulenberg, Van Overberghe, Hendrickx, Neuville
***** Antonin Magne, Pierre Cogan, René Le Grèves, Raoul Lesueur, Robert Tanneveau



1st: Sylvère Maes, Belgium, 4438km in 142h 47' 32" (31.072km/h)
2nd: Antonin Magne, France, @26' 55"
3rd: Félicien Vervaecke, Belgium, @27' 53"
4th: Pierre Clemens, Luxembourg (Spain - Luxembourg combined team), @42' 42"
5th: Arsène Mersch, Luxembourg (Spain - Luxembourg combined team), @53' 24"
6th: Mariano Cañardo, Spain (Spain - Luxembourg combined team), @1h 03' 04"
7th: Matt Clemens, Luxembourg (Spain - Luxembourg combined team), @1h 10' 44"
8th: Léo Amberg, Switzerland, @1h 19' 13"
9th: Marcel Kint, Belgium, @1h 22' 25"
10th: Léon Level, France (Touriste - Routier), @1h 27' 57"

(43rd: Aldo Bertocco, France (Touriste - Routier) @4h 49' 07")


1st: Julien Berrendero, Spain (Spain - Luxembourg combined team) 132
2nd: Sylvére Maes, Belgium, 112
3rd: Federico Ezquerra, Spain (Spain - Luxembourg combined team) 99


1st: Belgium 430h 12' 54"
2nd: Spain - Luxemburg @48' 20"
3rd: France @2h 19' 40"