Maes from beginning to end

Romain Maes wins the last stage of the Tour alone
Romain Maes confirms his overall domination by winning the final stage alone.

A Tour full of incident saw the Belgian Romain Maes break the French domination. His victory looks more clear-cut than it was; after taking the lead on the first stage, Maes was dogged in his defence as first Antonin Magne, then Francesco Camusso, then Ambrogio Morelli, challenged. The first drama came on stage 7 to Grenoble: on the descent of the Galibier, the Spaniard Francesco Cepeda crashed; he was to become the Tour's first fatality a few days later in hospital. Just a few kilometres later, Antonin Magne, second overall, was hit by a car on the descent of the Telegraphe. He stopped a passing farm cart and retired on the spot. By the end of the Alpes, Camusso had climbed to second spot overall, but constant pressure by Maes on the run to Perpignan saw him strengthen his lead, before Camusso too was struck out of the race by a car. Then a fantastic mountain stage win for Morelli saw him close to within three minutes overall, but once again Maes resisted, slowly rebuilding his lead on the way back to Paris. Fittingly, the last stage saw Maes win alone to confirm his overall domination. After Maurice Garin, Philippe Thys, Ottavio Bottecchia and Nicholas Frantz, Maes became the fifth rider to lead the Tour from start to finish.

Stage winners

 StageWinnerOverall Leader
Stage 1Paris - Lille, 262kmRomain MaesRomain Maes
Stage 2Lille - Charleville, 192kmCharles PélissierMaes
Stage 3Charleville - Metz, 161kmRaffaele Di PacoMaes
Stage 4Metz - Belfort, 220kmJean AertsMaes
Stage 5 ABelfort - Geneva, 262kmMaurice ArchambaudMaes
Stage 5 BGeneva - Evian, 58km TTDi PacoMaes
Stage 6Evian - Aix-les-Bains, 207kmRené ViettoMaes
Stage 7Aix-les-Bains - Grenoble, 229kmFrancesco CamussoMaes
Stage 8Grenoble - Gap, 102kmAertsMaes
Stage 9Gap - Digne, 227kmViettoMaes
Stage 10Digne - Nice, 156kmAertsMaes
Stage 11Nice - Cannes, 126kmR. MaesMaes
Stage 12Cannes - Marseille, 195kmPélissierMaes
Stage 13 AMarseille - Nîmes, 112kmVasco BergamaschiMaes
Stage 13 BNîmes - Montpellier, 56km TTTSpeicher *Maes
Stage 14 AMontpellier - Narbonne, 103kmRené Le GrèvesMaes
Stage 14 BNarbonne - Perpignan, 63km TTArchambaudMaes
Stage 15Perpignan - Luchon, 325kmSylvère MaesMaes
Stage 16Luchon - Pau, 194kmAmbrogio MorelliMaes
Stage 17Pau - Bordeaux, 224kmJulien MoineauMaes
Stage 18 ABordeaux - Rochefort, 159kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 18 BRochefort - La Rochelle, 33km TTAndré LeducqMaes
Stage 19 ALa Rochelle - La Roche-sûr-Yon, 81kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 19 BLa Roche-sûr-Yon - Nantes, 95km TTTAerts **Maes
Stage 20 ANantes - Vire, 220kmLe GrèvesMaes
Stage 20 BVire - Caen, 55km TTTMorelli ***Maes
Stage 21Caen - Paris, 221kmR. MaesMaes

* Speicher, Vietto, Archambaud, Leducq, Fontenay, Moineau
** Aerts, Vervaecke, R. Maes, S. Maes, Lowie, Stettler, Hartmann
*** Morelli, Weckerling, Teani, Thierbach



1st: Romain Maes, Belgium, 4338km in 141h 32' 00" (30.650km/h)
2nd: Ambrogio Morelli, Italy (Reserve team), @17' 52"
3rd: Félicien Vervaecke, Belgium, @24' 06"
4th: Sylvère Maes, Belgium (Reserve team), @35' 24"
5th: Jules Lowie, Belgium (Reserve team), @41' 26"
6th: Georges Speicher, France, @54' 29"
7th: Maurice Archambaud, France, @1h 09' 28"
8th: René Vietto, France, @1h 21' 03"
9th: Gabriel Ruozzi, France (Touriste - Routier), @1h 34' 02"
10th: Oskar Thierbach, Germany, @2h 00' 04"

(46th: Willi Kutschbach, Germany, @7h 40' 39")


1st: Félicien Vervaecke, Belgium, 118
2nd: Sylvére Maes, Belgium, 92
3rd: Gabriel Ruozzi, France (Touriste - Routier), 70


1st: Belgium 425h 35' 41"
2nd: France @2h 25' 19"
3rd: Germany @9h 57' 45"