A bonus for Leducq

Five eight-man teams again (this time Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France) with forty Touristes-Routiers, but once again the French come out on top with André Leducq. Leducq is the great beneficiary of a system of bonuses that gave 4, 2 and 1 minutes to the first three on each stage: without these bonuses, Leducq would have won by just three seconds. Only on four occasions did the he and Kurt Stöpl not finish in the same bunch: on stage 3 Leducq gained 45 seconds on the German - who, incidentally, was the first German to wear the Yellow Jersey; on stage 5 Leducq gained 20 more seconds; Stöpl then clawed 2' 52" back on the run to Nice; Leducq countered by taking 1' 50" on stage 13 and there it remained. Leducq's all-round consistency saw him take 31 minutes of bonuses to Stöpl's 7. Still, one cannot criticise a rider for winning according to the rules. To win the Tour is still a great achievement, and there is little doubt that, with a healthy cushion of time steadily accruing from stage 3 onwards, Leducq felt little compulsion to attack. Who is to say that, without the bonuses, he wouldn't have ridden a more aggressive strategy, as he had done in 1930?

Stage winners

 StageWinnerOverall Leader
Stage 1Paris - Caen, 208kmJean AertsJean Aerts
Stage 2Caen - Nantes, 300kmKurt StöplKurt Stöpl
Stage 3Nantes - Bordeaux, 387kmAndré LeducqAndré Leducq
Stage 4Bordeaux - Pau, 206kmGeorges RonsseLeducq
Stage 5Pau - Luchon, 229kmAntonio PesentiLeducq
Stage 6Luchon - Perpignan, 323kmFrans BonduelLeducq
Stage 7Perpignan - Montpellier, 168kmBonduelLeducq
Stage 8Montpellier - Marseille, 206kmMichele OrecchiaLeducq
Stage 9Marseille - Cannes, 191kmRafaele Di PacoLeducq
Stage 10Cannes - Nice, 132kmFrancesco CamussoLeducq
Stage 11Nice - Gap, 233kmLeducqLeducq
Stage 12Gap - Grenoble, 102kmRoger LapébieLeducq
Stage 13Grenoble - Aix-les-Bains, 230kmLeducqLeducq
Stage 14Aix-les-Bains - Evian, 204kmDi PacoLeducq
Stage 15Evian - Belfort, 291kmLeducqLeducq
Stage 16Belfort - Strasbourg, 145kmGérard LonckeLeducq
Stage 17Strasbourg - Metz, 165kmDi PacoLeducq
Stage 18Metz - Charleville, 159kmDi PacoLeducq
Stage 19Charleville - Malo-les-Bains, 271kmGaston RebryLeducq
Stage 20Malo-les-Bains - Amiens, 212kmLeducqLeducq
Stage 21Amiens - Paris, 159kmLeducqLeducq



1st: André Leducq, France, 4520km in 154h 11' 49" (29.214km/h)
2nd: Kurt Stöpl, Germany, @24' 03"
3rd: Francesco Camusso, Italy, @26' 21"
4th: Antonio Pesenti, Italy, @37' 08"
5th: Georges Ronsse, Belgium, @41' 04"
6th: Frans Bonduel, Belgium, @45' 13"
7th: Oskar Thierbach, Germany, @58' 44"
8th: Jef Demuysère, Belgium, @1h 03' 24"
9th: Luigi Barral, Italy (Touriste - Routier), @1h 06' 57"
10th: Georges Speicher, France, @1h 10' 37"

(57th: Rudolf Risch, Germany, @5h 5' 14")


1st: Italy 464h 57' 41"
2nd: Belgium @7' 27"
3rd: France @11' 50"