Frantz on a woman's bike...

The formula in 1928 remained the same as in 1927, with a series of flat team time trial stages between the mountains. Once again Alcyon-Dunlop were able to deliver a cushioned victory to the Luxembourger Nicolas Frantz. Not only did Frantz win, but Alcyon filled both second and third spots as well with André Leducq and Maurice Dewaele

After Frantz led the combined Dunlop teams to victory on the first day, he never relinquished the Yellow Jersey, becoming the second rider (after Ottavio Bottecchia) to wear it from start to finish. But his victory was not the smooth procession of 1927. Going into the nineteenth stage, his lead was over an hour. But as was all too common at the time, the frame of his bicyle broke with 100km of the stage still to ride. Eventually he found a bike shop, where the owner gave him a woman's bicycle, ridiculously small for Frantz. Thus equipped, he chased all the way back to the end of the stage, and despite losing thirty-eight minutes, his overall lead was saved. Four days later Frantz rode in triumph into Paris, with once again an Alcyon between his legs...

Stage winners

 StageWinnerOverall Leader
Stage 1Paris - Caen, 207kmNicholas FrantzNicholas Frantz
Stage 2Caen - Cherbourg, 140kmAndré LeducqNicholas Frantz
Stage 3Cherbourg - Dinan, 199kmGaston RebryNicholas Frantz
Stage 4Dinan - Brest, 206kmPé VerhaegenNicholas Frantz
Stage 5Brest - Vannes, 208kmMarcel BidotNicholas Frantz
Stage 6Vannes - Les Sables d'Olonne, 204kmNicholas FrantzNicholas Frantz
Stage 7Les Sables d'Olonne - Bordeaux, 285kmVictor FontanNicholas Frantz
Stage 8Bordeaux - Hendaye, 225kmMaurice DewaeleNicholas Frantz
Stage 9Hendaye - Luchon, 387kmVictor FontanNicholas Frantz
Stage 10Luchon - Perpignan, 323kmAndré LeducqNicholas Frantz
Stage 11Perpignan - Marseille, 363kmAndré LeducqNicholas Frantz
Stage 12Marseille - Nice, 330kmNicholas FrantzNicholas Frantz
Stage 13Nice - Grenoble, 333kmAntonin MagneNicholas Frantz
Stage 14Grenoble - Evian, 329kmJulien MoineauNicholas Frantz
Stage 15Evian - Pontarlier, 213kmPierre MagneNicholas Frantz
Stage 16Pontarlier - Belfort, 119kmAndré LeducqNicholas Frantz
Stage 17Belfort - Strasbourg, 145kmJoseph MauclairNicholas Frantz
Stage 18Strasbourg - Metz, 165kmNicholas FrantzNicholas Frantz
Stage 19Metz - Charleville, 159kmMarcel HuotNicholas Frantz
Stage 20Charleville - Malo-les-Bains, 271kmMaurice DewaeleNicholas Frantz
Stage 21Malo-les-Bains - Dieppe, 234kmAntonin MagneNicholas Frantz
Stage 24Dieppe - Paris, 330kmNicholas FrantzNicholas Frantz

In a nutshell



1st: Nicolas Frantz, (Luxembourg), Alcyon-Dunlop, 5475km in 192h 48' 58" (28.400km/h)
2nd: André Leducq, (France), Alcyon-Dunlop, @ 50' 07"
3rd: Maurice Dewaele, (Belgium), Alcyon-Dunlop, @ 56' 16"
4th: Jean Mertens, (Belgium), Thomann-Dunlop, @ 1h 19' 18"
5th: Julien Vervaecke, (Belgium), Armor-Dunlop, @ 1h 53' 32"
6th: Antonin Magne, (France), Alleluia-Wolber, @ 2h 14' 02"
7th: Victor Fontan, (France), Elvish-Wolber, @ 5h 07' 47"
8th: Marcel Bidot, (France), Alleluia-Wolber, @ 5h 18' 28"
9th: Marcel Huot, (France), Alleluia-Wolber, @ 5h 37' 33"
10th: Pierre Magne, (France), Alleluia-Wolber, @ 5h 41' 20"

(41st: Edouard Persin, (France), Champagne, @ 26h 56' 19")