Thys becomes the first triple winner

Phillipe Thys sealed his place in Tour history by becoming the first triple winner. Thys' domination, and that of his Belgian compatriots was total. Thys himself won four stages and never finished outside the top five on any stage, whilst Belgians won 12 of the 15 stages and took the first seven places overall. After Henri Pélissier had had his customary run-in with Henri Desgranges - this time for discarding an empty bidon, the French challenge came from the near-veteran Eugène Christophe, who had first ridden the Tour as long ago as 1906. But back pain eventually forced Christophe out, leaving Hector Heusghem to finish as runner up, but nearly an hour behind.

Stage winners

 StageWinnerOverall Leader
Stage 1Paris - Le Havre, 388kmLouis MottiatLouis Mottiat
Stage 2Le Havre - Cherbourg, 364kmPhilippe ThysPhilippe Thys, Félix Goethals, Louis Mottiat, Jean Rossius and Emile Masson Sr. all equal
Stage 3Cherbourg - Brest, 405kmHenri PélissierPhilippe Thys, Emile Masson Sr., Félix Goethals and Jean Rossius all equal
Stage 4Brest - Les Sables d'Olonne, 412kmHenri PélissierPhilippe Thys and Emile Masson Sr. both equal
Stage 5Les Sables d'Olonne - Bayonne, 482kmFirmin LambotPhilippe Thys and Emile Masson Sr. both equal
Stage 6Bayonne - Luchon, 326kmFirmin LambotPhilippe Thys
Stage 7Luchon - Perpignan, 323kmJean RossiusPhilippe Thys
Stage 8Perpignan - Aix-en-Provence, 325kmLouis HeusghemPhilippe Thys
Stage 9Aix-en-Provence - Nice, 356kmPhilippe ThysPhilippe Thys
Stage 10Nice - Grenoble, 333kmHector HeusghemPhilippe Thys
Stage 11Grenoble - Gex, 362kmLéon ScieurPhilippe Thys
Stage 12Gex - Strasbourg, 354kmPhilippe ThysPhilippe Thys
Stage 13Strasbourg - Metz, 300kmPhilippe ThysPhilippe Thys
Stage 14Metz - Dunquerque, 433kmFélix GoethalsPhilippe Thys
Stage 15Dunquerque - Paris, 340kmJean RossiusPhilippe Thys

In a nutshell



1st: Philippe Thys, Belgium, 5519km in 228h 36' 13" (24.072km/h)
2nd: Hector Heusghem, Belgium, @57' 21"
3rd: Firmin Lambot, Belgium, @1h 39' 35"
4th: Léon Scieur, Belgium, @1h 44' 38"
5th: Emile Masson Sr., Belgium, @2h 56' 52"
6th: Louis Heusghem, Belgium, @3h 40' 47"
7th: Jean Rossius, Belgium, @3h 49' 55"
8th: Honeré Barthélémy, France, @5h 35' 19"
9th: Félix Goethals, Belgium, @9h 23' 07"
10th: Joseph Van Daele, Belgium, @10h 45' 41"

(22nd: Charles Raboisson, France, @69h 00' 05")