Victory to "the Argentine"

Victory in 1907 went to Lucien Petit-Breton, sometimes known as "the Argentine", in which country he was bought up. It was a somewhat fortuitous victory. the early running was made by Emile Georget, who won four of the first eight stages. Up to this moment, Petit-Breton had not shown his ability. At Bayonne, however, Petit-Breton won his first stage (by over twenty minutes); more importantly, Georget had changed bicycle, which was against the rules that year. At the start of the next stage, Georget was docked a large number of points, leaving Petit-Breton to inherit a safe lead. Thereafter his supremacy was unchallenged, as he rode to Paris never finishing out of the top three on the remaining stages.

Stage winners

 StageWinnerOverall Leader
Stage 1Paris - Roubaix, 272kmLouis TrousselierLouis Trousselier
Stage 2Roubaix - Metz, 398kmEmile Georget and Louis Trousselier, tiedLouis Trousselier
Stage 3Metz - Belfort, 259kmEmile GeorgetEmile Georget
Stage 4Belfort - Lyon, 309kmMarcel CadolleEmile Georget
Stage 5Lyon - Grenoble, 311kmEmile GeorgetEmile Georget
Stage 6Grenoble - Nice, 345kmGeorges PasserieuEmile Georget
Stage 7Nice - Nîmes, 345kmEmile GeorgetEmile Georget
Stage 8Nîmes - Toulouse, 303kmEmile GeorgetEmile Georget
Stage 9Toulouse - Bayonne, 299kmLucien Petit-BretonEmile Georget
Stage 10Bayonne - Bordeaux, 269kmGustave GarrigouLucien Petit-Breton
Stage 11Bordeaux - Nantes, 391kmLucien Petit-BretonLucien Petit-Breton
Stage 12Nantes - Brest, 321kmGustave GarrigouLucien Petit-Breton
Stage 13Brest - Caen, 415kmEmile GeorgetLucien Petit-Breton
Stage 14Caen - Paris, 262kmGeorges PasserieuLucien Petit-Breton

In a nutshell



1st: Lucien Petit-Breton, (France), Peugeot, 4230km at 28.470km/h, 47 points
2nd: Gustave Garrigou, (France), 66
3rd: Emile Georget, (France), 74
4th: Georges Passerieu, (France), 85
5th: François Beaugendre, (France), 123
6th: Eberado Pavesi, (Italy), 150
7th: François Faber, (Luxembourg), 156
8th: Augustin Ringeval, (France), 184
9th: Aloîs Catteau, (Belgium), 196
10th: Ferdinand Payan, (France), 227

(33rd: Albert Chartier, (France), 568)