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From 1936 until 1947, missing out the war years, an unofficial season long competition was awarded. Then, from 1948 until 1958, the competition became the Desgranges-Colombo Trophy (named after the original organisers of the Tour and the Giro). Conflicts between the French and the Italians led to its being abandoned in 1959, though an unofficial classification was won by Rik Van Looy. From 1958 to 1960 the Pernod organisation organised a competition based on the results of French Races only, this became a true international competition in 1961, based on results in both classics and stage races and lasted until 1988 - the Super Prestige Pernod Competition. (A subsidary ranking for French cyclists, the Prestige Pernod, was also organised). Changes in French advertising law (in particular banning sports associated advertising of alcohol) led to this competition being abandoned as a new sponsor could not be found; in any case, by 1988 the UCI world rankings, which had the same effect, were well established. From 1989 the World Cup Competition was promoted; however, this takes into account only certain, designated, one day races, so gives a less true picture of the best all round cyclist than the old Super Prestige Pernod Competition. Thanks to Eddy van der Mark for some of this information.


Season Long Competion, 1936 - 1947

1936 Gino Bartali
1937 Gino Bartali
1938 Marcel Kint
1939 Gino Bartali
1946 Fausto Coppi
1947 Gino Bartali

Desgrange - Colombo Trophy, 1948 - 1958

1948 Brik Schotte
1949 Fausto Coppi
1950 Ferdi Kübler
1951 Louison Bobet
1952 Ferdi Kübler
1953 Loretto Petrucci
1954 Ferdi Kübler
1955 Stan Ockers
1956 Fred De Bruyne
1957 Fred De Bruyne
1958 Fred De Bruyne

Season Long Competion, 1959

1959 Rik Van Looy

Super Prestige Pernod Competition, 1958 - 1988

1958 Jean Forestier
1959 Henri Anglade
1960 Jean Graczyk
1961 Jacques Anquetil
1962 Joo De Roo
1963 Jacques Anquetil
1964 Raymond Poulidor
1965 Jacques Anquetil
1966 Jacques Anquetil
1967 Jan Janssen
1968 Herman Van Springel
1969 Eddy Merckx
1970 Eddy Merckx
1971 Eddy Merckx
1972 Eddy Merckx
1973 Eddy Merckx
1974 Eddy Merckx
1975 Eddy Merckx
1976 Freddy Maertens
1977 Freddy Maertens
1978 Bernard Hinault
1979 Bernard Hinault
1980 Bernard Hinault
1981 Bernard Hinault
1982 Bernard Hinault
1983 Greg Lemond
1984 Sean Kelly
1985 Sean Kelly
1986 Sean Kelly
1987 Stephen Roche
1988 Charly Mottet

Unofficial World Cup Classification, 1988

1988 Stephen Rooks

World Cup, 1989 - date

1989 Sean Kelly
1990 Gianni Bugno
1991 Maurizio Fondriest
1992 Olaf Ludwig
1993 Maurizio Fondriest
1994 Gianluca Bortolami
1995 Johan Museeuw
1996 Johan Museeuw
1997 Michele Bartoli
1998 Michele Bartoli
1999 Andreï Tchmil
2000 Erik Zabel, Deutsche Telekom