I have relied on a variety of sources to put this page together, as follows:-

Official Sources

Many races have their own web pages, but trying to keep up with them all is a gargantuan task - I suggest careful reading of the online cycling media around the date of the race in question to find urls. The following sites deserve greater attention:

Firstly, the Société du Tour de France has a large web site, detailling both the most recent Tour and previous Tours. Clicking on "Tour Chronicles" takes you to their Tour archive which (not surprisingly) is excellent and searchable, and contains reference to every rider who has ever ridden the event, however fleetingly. It should not be taken as gospel, however; it has a fair number of mistakes, generally arising when the results of one rider are attributed to another rider with the same name. For example, it was not Emilio Bottecchia who won four stages of the 1924 Tour de France, but rather Ottavio. Generally a little common sense is all that is required to sort these things out; occasionally it is more tricky; for example, the Van der Poel who won two stages in 1987 was Adri, and not his brother Jacques. In the main, however, this archive can't be recommended sufficiently. "Legendary Tours" contains short descriptions of a couple of dozen of the most outstanding races.

The Société du Tour de France also organise the Ardennes classics, Paris - Roubaix, Paris - Tours, the Grand Prix du Nations, the Critérium International and the Tour de l'Avenir as well as sundry track and mountain bike races. Some historical information on these events can be found by clicking on the "other races" icon on their home page.

Secondly, Unipublic, the organisers of the Tour of Spain, have another good historical archive, covering all the stage winners and winners of the minor competitions of the Vuelta, not to mention the top ten overall. They are not too hot on first names, though! Go here to relive the Spanish cartel that did for Robert Millar.

Finally, the organisers of the Giro have a web site; however, it has always been so slow for me that I have never found out whether it contains much of historical interest or not.

Unofficial Sources

Cycle Base, in Holland, carries the top three overall for most of the major races. This site is a mine of information, particularly on up-to-date things, since for recent years, it has the results of all UCI races, rather than just the classics. If this site survives for the next ten or twenty years, it will become a major resource, though I can see that the amount of memory required could become a problem.

The CVCC Trivia Page used to have the top three for all the classics and a few other races, but these data have now been removed. However, it really scores on its Tour and Giro coverage. For the Tour, every stage of every year is listed, together with the winner of that stage, the overall leader after the stage and the top 10 overall with time gaps - a serious amount of typing and research, for whoever did it! The Giro coverage is similar but less complete, lacking mainly the start and finish points for the stages, but is a major archive nonetheless. Data on the classics can be found at Bertil Odling's site.

Since first writing my pages, a major new resource has come on line, in the shape of Dominique Magnier's excellent Mémoire du Cyclisme site, which has the top three of around two hundred races, including many now defunct. I can't recommend this site enough, but where on earth did he find all the time?

The Cycling Teams Page is another excellent site, containing details of anyone currently riding, as well as being a good source for news about transfers. I used it extensively when compiling the current riders' page.

The list of Hour Record holders came from Bertil Odling's site.

And last, but not least, I'd like to thank Eddy van der Mark. Pretty much all the results not covered in one of the sites above were provided by him; something over thirty races in all. In addition, he provided me with much useful information "on the side", as it were, as well as checking a number of queries I had. This site would not have been half its current size or comprehensiveness without his help.