I used to have a list of links to race web sites here, but they seem to change so fast that it wasn't possible to keep it up-to-date (sadly I no longer have as much surfing time!). Reasoning that an incorrect list is more frustrating than a non-existent one, I have removed it. Several sites do endeavour to keep such a list; I think the Cycling Teams page is probably the most up-to-date. Amongst the race sites, I would recommend the the Société du Tour de France, who organise not only the Tour itself, but also the Ardennes Classics, Paris - Roubaix Paris - Tours, the Grand Prix des Nations, the Criterium International, as well as several other smaller events. Their Tour archive contains brief year-by year histories (but not as good as mine, of course :-). They used to have a searchable archive of all riders who rode the event, but that seems to have disappeared. There are also historical details for the other events they organsise. The Vuelta organisers had a historical site for the 1997 Vuelta, covering each edition of the race up to 1996. It hasn't been updated since, but still exists, a ghost in cyberspace, showing, if nothing else, just how quickly web design dates.

The following sites are also well worth looking at:

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